Men wearing dresses in the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, May 23, 2013.

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  1. In recent years, we have seen a few burly blokes hit the news when their need to wear a frock goes public. It is unfortunate that so many of them do look like several sacks of potatoes under a duvet. It seems that history shows us the senior officer makes a better job of it when they make the jump to thinking they are a laydee

    Revealed: The cross-dressing spy who embarrassed the UK - Home News - UK - The Independent


    Far easier on the eye than recent efforts.
  2. Far easier on the eye? Have you taken a bang to the side of the head?
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  3. Thought you were going to incur the wrath of the Scottish Regiments then.
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  4. Male members of the Army in dresses! Disgraceful!

    That's the Royal Marines job.
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  5. Did he go the whole hog? His Tupperware mangina would have made a cunning dead letter drop.
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  6. It's not like you could slam an envelope in there covertly is it? Thinking about it, I suppose it depends on the venue really.
  7. It might be possible if it was a French letter! Heh.
  8. I know a senior rank who knocked off Friday as "Derrick" and turned up Monday morning as "Diane" dressed in uniform as a woman confessing to be a Pre-op transsexual. Working in the high threat job he did he had balls and when they were cut off he still had balls.

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  9. What is it about "Intelligence" types, regardless of nationality, they all seem to be rampant fucking preverts to me?

    Perhaps Boy George should be cast as the next James Bond, or as hoover.......


    Man-maidens seem to have enjoyed rapid promotion though!
  10. Men wearing dresses in the Army

    Does that make it ok for a chap to wear a frock when not in the Army?
  11. So you prefer it if men made convincing maidens then? Looking all atractive and sultry.

    Its the right of every man to dress in a dress then look like a sack of shit over the top hooker in the process.

  12. Bit of a flaw in that plan if the anchovy oil causes the ink to run.
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  13. *checks the sign above the door*

    Yep, I would.
  14. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs


    You're confusing Army and RM.

  15. It's considered entirely normal in the Marines.