Men We Lust After

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Wishful_Thinking, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Here you go girls. I've started a thread for us.

    Double OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Heaven has to be first though:


    Wishy :wink:
  2. l do wish my photo wouldnt end up on here.
  3. There was a "boys you'd bend over for" thread somewhere with lots of pics of hotties but any pic of Daniel Craig is always appreciated.
  4. Only a matter of time before my photo is added, it's hard being wanted by so many women but I cope admirably. :)
  5. Hadn't seen it Loubella. But you can never have enough lust!

    Hell, Taboo can even post a piccie of Simon Cowell if she wants.
    Go for it Taboo. We won't complain as this is for us girls. :wink:
  6. Love the body but Id have to make him wear a paper bag over his head and wear one myself too just in case his fell off!
  7. I'd complain- he's about as appealing as Madferret and Bulley sponge.
  8. edited cos I'm a mong
  9. the yummy Olly Barkley

  10. SHUSH, you're obviously a raging lezza... :roll:
  11. Good choice H Bomb.
    Very tasty.
  12. who cares,bet he is a dirty boy in bed!!!! :wink: My no 1 is still prince though!!!!!!!!!
  13. There you go Taboo - all wet and frothy!


    Wishy :wink:
  14. lm a bad boy in bed. And ld make you scream by wiping my c*ck on the curtains in the morning :)
  15. Phwaor! Olly Barkley is indeed very sexy: dark hair and dark eyes with a kind of innocent puppy mother-me quality.

    How about Lewis Moody? I know he's a bit rough-and-ready, but then sometimes that's not a bad thing...