Men Redundant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonwilly, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. If I was to invent a wnaking machine how long do you think it would take the outrage machine to hit the press?
  2. Don't be stupid, it doesn't mention anything about it being able to open jars.
  3. Good luck to the machine! I'm not touching some girls ankles!
  4. Old news, darling. Vibrators have been writing you fellows off for years, it's just that if we got rid of you, we'd have to put up our own shelves and fix our own cars. And what girl in her right mind would want to do that? So, we've just sort of been humouring you for all this time. Sorry.
  5. A vibrator might be able to give you pleasure, buts where is the fun if its not trying to slip you one in the wrongen?
  6. Dosent give them orgasms...brings them to the verge of it...

    Its good she will never have a headache...not if i spike her drink every night!! :twisted:
  7. Don't wait to tell her that she has a headache. Bring her some pain killers and when she asks what they're for just say they are for her headache.

    "But I don't have a headache dear.........."

    ".......oh good......."
  8. sounds good to me, plug her in at 7, off to bed at 11, climb on, climb off, snore. She's already on the verge so should only take 30 seconds!
  9. It´s all rubbish anyway. Women don´t have orgasms. FACT
  10. or being able to deal with spiders/mice/burgulars.
  11. and without us blokes how they going to understand rugby etc
  12. We can always double up, :roll: one has to love the norgie insert full of old green N reds :wink:
  13. You look like Les Dawson. Shudder.