Men only take a first hesitant step towards Saudi democracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. About bloody time. Is this the domino effect or are just wishful thinking?

  2. Too little, too late; they're fücked.
  3. Well we have the pesimists view :twisted: Now everyone else? :D

    please expand CP
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Afraid to say, I agree with CP. This is where that Al Qu'ida bloke gets most of his support from, after all. But given one-person one-vote, I wonder who'd win there? Quite possibly Arabs (especially Saudis) are in the minoroty there - it may be that the majority of people there over voting age are Philipino, Bengali, or Indian :?

    Must be only a matter of time until the place boils over, and if they think that the Yanks are going to let them go fundamentalist, they're more short-sighted than even I thought. They've got away with appalling Human Rigts breaches, etc., for years, as they happen to breed over a lot of oil-bearing strata.
  5. Shrewth and I was called Cynical on another thread :!:
  6. If Saudi goes all fundamental, Iraq goes all religious and Iran does get nukes, we are all seriously F*&CKED! If anyone has any working solutions on non-fossil fuels that they have not already patented, I would attend to that toute suite!

    The bad news is that, failing that, we will all be going to the Antartic to dig that place up. The good news is that, if my understanding is correct (and I have been wrong in the past!), the majority of antartica (to the tune of about 75%) is owned by UK. And, geological surveys suggest the mineral wealth down there makes the middle east oil fields look like a small puddle! Now wouldn't that be a turn up for the books? We could be the richest nation on earth! (I bet they would still cut the defence budget though!)
  7. It hardly qualifies as a new dawn of reason for the ragheads. Only Saudi males get to vote, and then for only half of the minor municipal posts. It's partial democracy at local government level. All meaningful power remains firmly in the hands of the numerous, fat, oxygen-thieves of the House of Saud. Having lived among the to**ers, I will shed no tears when it all turns to ratshi* for them. Feck them all.