Men of Valor - 4 Rifles

Great story by Michael Yon,one of my favorite mil bloggers. 8)

The 4 Rifles first trip into Basra brought more than 15 hours of fighting that left a Pakistani driver killed, dragged away and never seen again by the British. Two British killed in action and many more wounded, a convoy of banged-up vehicles that ran the damage gamut from flat tire to complete destruction, and almost no break before it was time for Major Steve Webb to saddle up and move on again, his Welsh Warriors always taking point on another convoy.

Major Steve Webb fought through those 15 hours two days before. Webb became one of the most respected leaders in the battalion.

Night after night firefights like this occurred at the PJCC, while over at Basra Palace the rockets and mortars never seemed to stop. Out on the streets was a running ambush, and at night the soldiers ran targeted strike ops. Although it seemed to many of the soldiers that no one on the home front knew how hard and well they were fighting, back in England, apart from families and friends, one woman—the Duchess of Cornwall—was paying close attention to the daily struggle to restore security and order to Basra, and making sure the men who shouldered this task knew it. Only one who has been in close combat can know the relief that emanates from someone watching their back.
Agreed - this is a well-written and researched article. I hadn't heard of Michael Yon before, but have just had a quick look through his blog. There are some very interesting articles there and I will go back and read them more closely in the coming days and weeks.

Keep up the good work!
Read some of his stuff before, shame our own reporters aren't this supportive.

On a tangent but from one of his reports, hats off to Camilla, her and Princess Anne are both good girls.
I think the main thread is here.

He does seem to be the only person actually commentating on good aspects in Iraq. Which is great after everyone else doing nothing but publicising things going wrong.
Just shows, bad news sells.

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