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Men of ARRSE - ITV Good Morning and Prostate Action charity needs your rear

Bit of background - at the young age of 50 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's generally thought of as an old man's disease, and only 8% of those diagnosed are under 55, but you have a one in nine chance of getting it in your lifetime. It's also very treatable if caught early, but many men often don't appear at the doctor until it's escaped the prostate thus limiting the treatment options. However, it's the most common male-only cancer and kills 10,000 men a year, second only to lung-cancer.

A charity called Prostate Action has secured ITV's Good Morning show on Nov 15th to cover the condition, and as part of the programme they need thirty men aged 40 and above with no prior prostate cancer diagnosis/treatment to have what the medics call a digital rectal examination, AKA the wiggly pinkie. It's to demonstrate that it doesn't hurt and neither does the patient die of embarrassment. Your rear will not be shown live on TV, and nor will the doctor discuss you in person on TV if he finds any abnormalities. You will be given personal professional advice if this is the case, but not ID'd.

Volunteers need to have the morning of the 15th free and be able to arrive at 09.00 at the South Bank in London. Travel expenses will be paid, but please don't try to blag a free ticket to the smoke from Inverness.

If you think you are up for 60 seconds with someone's finger up your jacksie then please send me a message and I'll forward the info.

VMT A_A (standing by for lots of incoming humour ;))
Not as I recall. Served in an airborne regt, but by the time I joined they'd abandoned the cerise-coloured headgear ;)

I was only a STAB, so I may well have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, all the time.
Only two fingers,,**** **** ****,,I feel abused,,my doctor used his full hand,bastard bastard bastard,is it any wonder I hate Pakis,Grrrrrrrrrr...
I feel so smug reading that, as my doctor obviously didn't manually degrade me like that - he had both his hands on my shoulders the whole time.
You could go one better and make the 15th November "National **** Health Check Day"

MOT your **** canal ...... Only £39.99...... It could save your life!

Now i just need Dragons den to help me out with funding to open up 500 dedicated state of the art **** centres across the U.K :):)
If I understand correctly, you want a load of blokes to volunteer to have some hairy arsed doctor finger their arse. Not going to happen.
Had the finger up the bum done last year by a lovely late twenties female doc. I started to giggle like a schoolgirl which set her off laughing somuch she had to do it three times before she could do it properly. How much would I pay for that in Soho?
Isn't the NHS great.
If I understand correctly, you want a load of blokes to volunteer to have some hairy arsed doctor finger their arse. Not going to happen.
Its that sort of attitude that'll see you gaunter than freddie mercury wondering how you would have spent the second half of your life and not seeing your grandkids grow up

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