Men Mated with Chimps

Men mated with chimps for 1m years
(Filed: 18/05/2006)

The human family tree has been thrown into disarray by evidence that the ancestors of man and chimpanzees kept on mating with each other for a million years or more.

Studies of fossils have suggested that the ancestors of humans had started to walk upright seven million years ago.

A study released today by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that men interbred with their ape cousins until at least 6.3 million years ago, making the boundaries between the species fuzzy.

The evolutionary split between human and chimpanzee is much more recent - and more complicated - than previously thought, blurring the distiction between different branches of our family tree and also explaining the small difference in ape and human genetic codes today.

The study, published in the journal Nature, shows that the speciation process was unusual - possibly involving an initial split followed by interbreeding before a final separation.

I'm saying Now't.
i have heard of an experiment in cChina many years ago where an Ape/Cimp was inseminated with human sperm and there was an Hybrid Offspring dunno what happend to it since
Why is anyone surprised that a few ancestors had a run at porking some tree swingers?..

After a few handfuls of fermented berries, the female chimpies met the 12/12 factor, I'm sure [ after 13 beers after midnight they start to look good ] and, c'mon.. those little devils giving those ' come hither 'looks and smacking those big lips then turning around and wiggling little bare multicoloured asses in the ' I'm available, dominate me ' submission pose..and wham, bam... the inevitable result.. Dogface's multi-great grandparents...

besides, interspecies ' love' is still going on if the number of sheep weddings in Wales is anything to go by..and, I've heard that some camels even make a few dinars, charging for what others give away, on those dark lonely nights in the desert.
RMP still did in my time.............arrogant b*stards.
Looking at my sister in law I can believe it still goes on.........
chunderling said:
they still do this in africa, just look at their newborn children
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Tiffy_71 said:
chunderling said:
they still do this in africa, just look at their newborn children
Knob - fcuk off back to school
Succinct. Supported.
chunderling said:
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chunderling said:
would the same still apply if i was a well breasted girl
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chunderling said:
bare with me, in fact, think of me as the next pentwyn, yeh

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