Men mated with chimps for 1m years

Whiskybreath said:
I've got a pretty good idea where, too. I'm not saying, though; don't want to be accused of chimpism.
I'm assuming it wasn't in the brown if mating was successful...
Not been to Wales or the East Coast of Scotland lately have you? :D
if you look in theright places online, you can still see them doing it. :D
Can't better that, Mr P!

But for politicitians, try any African megalomaniac for a heavy-browed, marble-eyed primate.
Our own dear Deputy Prime Minister has the same sheen on his skin and a lowering eyelid, however the photo of the Nigerian President as he was prevented from doing a 'Mugabe' surely takes today's cup of tea (reminds me of the one of Gerry Adams when he realised that West Belfast had been tactically voted out of his slimy grasp):

This scumball, in the Grand African Tradition, fancied himself as Ruler for Life of Nigeria. Astoundingly, it seems that the people of the country have voted against his personal ambitions, in the face of (if memory serves) all previous form on the continent. Good on 'em.

Time, of course, for the other one to go:

Rereading this post, I'm not too sure whether it's on or off-thread. I'm willing to be guided.
Men mated with chimps for 1m years?

You'd be a bit sore after all that time surely...
Was that before or after the tea party?

Or during?

Conclusive proof I think.

Note the restraining devices.

One went to the tea party and one didn't.
terdal said:
Had they no sheep in those days?

They did in this picture.

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