Men In Uniform Dont Half Fancy Themselves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Scotch_Mist, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. I read this article in the Sunday Times magazine and had a good chuckle. It must have been a slow newsday. Mr S_M won't tell me who his Saville Row tailor is and he now thinks that he ought to be getting a fancy watch for Xmas . 8O

    Do you think I'm sexy?
    Men in uniform — they don’t half fancy themselves, says Fleur Britten

    Sunday Times Style Magazine

  2. that was mainly based on officers, what about the common soldier. scum of the earth? surely a few diamonds amongst the ranks, some of those things might apply... saville row can ram it though.

    easy (scum of the earth block rat, and proud)
  3. Apart from the fact that PoD has an "eye tuck" so that he could continue to see.. FFS... a Very Amusing Article.
  4. So, the unmarked, blue, grubby overalls that I wear for 95% of the time make me a preening peacock? :D
  5. And as an aside, does the Torygraph have an unlimited supply of horsey, brain dead female reporters who come over all vaporous and moist if they go with in 500 metres of Sandhurst? [​IMG]
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    It's true, I have to admit to being a fashion victim.
  7. It's funny how these things are right under your nose and you don't see them. The POD as a trend setter. How could I have missed that?
  8. it amused me that the crab officer looks good in pink :oops:
  9. Ah, Style never goes out of Fashion! Not sure about "loafers with tweeds", sounds like a bounder's option to me.

  10. And dressing appropriately means showing the world that you’re a dominant male. “My husband is a bit of a peacock,” admits Lucy, who is married to an RAF flight lieutenant. “I was immediately attracted to him, because I knew he would always look nice on my arm. It was like when Sindy met Action Man. He’s even more of a shopper than me: he spends hours trying on every option. He knows what cut and colour suit him best — like pink, because it flatters his skin tone. He would never walk out of the house in anything dirty or unironed. And he’s careful about his shape — he exercises five times a week.”
    Naturally, this kind of sartorial awareness in a man is not without its disadvantages. “He’s critical about everything,” says Lucy. “I can’t buy jeans without pockets on the bottom, because he says it’s unsightly. He’ll always notice VPL. He’s very harsh.” The upside is that her husband can iron a shirt in two minutes flat.
    Pink! Pink! VPL! jesus wept man! another gorgeus gussy! what ever happened to Bn sweatshirt,jeans and dessy boots?
  11. My the long winter nights must just fly in their house. Is this a widespread RAF habit do you think? :wink:
  12. RTFQ


    :lol: Violently un-PC T shirts and cut off denim hotpants are IN this season? Sh1t, I'd better get myself back down Topman for a rekit
  13. Paisley lined balaclava helmet, pearl handled hitchen knives and large bin bags only from Fortnum and Mason's.
  14. What about his Farrahs and white socks? For a bloke who probably likes to be seen in public as often as he can in his 'boiler suit', he ain't half a dandy at home.
  15. All you need is a pastel coloured leisure suit for each day of the week, with a tweed cloth cap for Saturdays. If its good enough for Alan Ball, its good enough for me... :D