Discussion in 'RAC' started by snatch_block, May 20, 2003.

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  1. I have been posted to lots of different units and in REME we always chat about how well units look after their kit and more importantly how they look after us.

    Having served with cav and tankies I have to say that my choice would be based on these facts

    Cav are your mates until the weekend comes and they bug out to leave the REME to stag on.

    The cav want their mess done up. REME are normally good for stinging with the work and large mess bills to pay for it.

    If you want your unit to win a sports competition get a REME team to represent you but you take the glory.

    If you don't want to take part in an exercise keep breaking down and give the wrong grid. Favourite trick of brown berets.

    If you haven't already guessed their are only one real tankies for me

    Long live the MEN IN BLACK
  2. You have obviously spent some time posted to some crap outfits,but I spent a lot of time working alongside the "men in black" as you call them,and the sun does not shine out of their ar*es to the degree that you make
    out.There is good and bad in every regiment,and people only normally remember the bad.
  3. Before options for change....

                1. RSDG
                2. Skins :)
                3. QRIH
                4. 17/21 L
    It gets a little bit fuzzy after this.

    Bottom three.....
                    RH :(
                    2 RTR

    Nowadays all pretty even except KRH (Sorry 14/20H).
    Don't know much about 9/12 L.

    I too have spent a lot of time with the RAC.
    Slagging imminent I suppose. ::)
  4. I'm currently living and working with those jolly nice welsh chaps, QDG, and have to say that minus the majority of the officers (especially the 'Hugh Grant-a-likes') they are def my faves.  I've worked alongside the Men in Black, and they were more 'down to earth', but for fun and games and 'family' feelings the QDG win hands down. Our REME lads are well liked (on the whole, but by God there are a couple who........), but certainly have to learn to take a lot of 'good natured grief' - as did I, being the only shiny arse living in for a while)

    So, sorry snatch but its the welsh cav for me (but you can keep the officers - they're just TOOOOOO much!!)
  5. :D

    as a REME VM i find that most tank regiments are pretty ok really, as previously said, you get good and bad in all regiments, its usually the hierachy that can ruin a regiment, one man can do it at the top end. having served in the home of the RAC with all the capbadges, i find them a pleasure to serve with, i hope i do again, that is if i can survive my next stint with a REME Bn!!

    yours pretty unhappily

    A Mech!

    ps, love your caption at the bottom of your post snatch! :p
  6. 2RTR all the way :D
  7. 2RTR all the way....

    Guess you thought long and hard about that reply. :wink:

    For those of you who have been posted to Armd Sqn LWC, you'll know it's quite possibly THE nemesis posting for reemers who cherish their lunchtimes, evenings, weekends, leave, families, life outside "the firm", etc. etc.

    It's a 24/7 job trying to keep the rolling stock going, and I'd wonder if (a) any horseborne regiments could do the job, and (b) any LWC REME Alumni who have had a busier time in their career than a posting to LWC.
  8. :lol: let's not forget the Boy Scouts have been around longer than the RTR. They celebrate Cambrai but not an RTR regiment existed at the time!!!!!!!!!!! Be The Best Wear A Vest. Tell no lies take no false honours. Eckk in coming. Only at the QRL though.
  9. Is that the same regiment that get mistaken for a plumbers convention when mincing in formation in their rubber boots and black coveralls?
  10. 1. QDG (fantastic ethos, work hard, play hard, get pissed!)
    2. 4/7 DG (now RDG)
    3. RTR (absolutely shite. Can't accept that tanks don't fix themselves or that tanks sulk & break down without regular TLC) :D
  11. :lol: Top Comment FUKU. We may have met in the past. Hi Ho The Taffs Awaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!.
  12. Strange conception of a plumbers' convention, my man. And as for our lack of history, does it really need to be said AGAIN that fine traditions and long history did not help you and your horses get through barbed wire and machine guns? :p

    And do try to remember that you are talking about the oldest armoured regiment in the World. I don't see many horses outside the saddle club these days. Do you? :wink:
  13. The Tank Detachment of the Machine Gun Corps wasnt it? and full of welshmen as well!

    Only the 9/12L were stupid enough to take on machine guns and barbed wire. Sadly the stupidity continues

    Most proper cavalwy wegiments were too busy getting blown to pieces behind the lines or being used in a dismounted infantry role. They didnt fancy rumbling over (or mostly getting bogged in) No Mans Land in a ready made coffin. Most fought tooth and nail to keep the geegees but progress prevailed as usual.
  14. Or tanks out side 1RTR either. Sniff Sniff. Dip Dip
  15. Must be my non-Englishness blocking my comprehension, but what the furq does that mean?

    Oh, and as for the previous, in my long years in beloved black, I can't say I've ever had chicken in a basket. Or sat next to silver shaped like a tonk round.

    Where did you experience this height-of-irksomeness?