Men doing the housework reduces divorce risk

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CountryGal, May 26, 2010.

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  1. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

  2. Headline: Swallowing and anal action reduces divorce risk.
  3. No, no, no! Women feel most fulfilled when they're in their kitchen.

    This opinion was given before discussion with my wife. I may wish to change it!
  4. WTF 8O These poofters still do the housework whilst the bitch is at home all day.

    "Hurray up wiv the hoovering luv, Jeremy Kyle is on and you know it's my favourite!"

    Surely the report should read:
    Stupid Gullible Men married to Lazy Cow's have a lower divorce risk
  5. That means the women will have to grow bigger feet so they cant stand close to the sink
  6. Those marriages last longer because she knows which side her bread is buttered and he's too shagged out to apply for a divorce!
    Husbands should mildly chastise their lazy wives. A gentle application of 5 whacks with a bamboo cane to her bum should suffice in the first instance.
  8. Us women know our place....and thats IN CHARGE :twisted:

    Although sometimes i let him be in charge, it depends on if i have a headache or not :lol:
  9. That will be all the time then :mrgreen:
  10. Well, apart from on his birthday maybe JohnBoy :)
  11. :party: :rofl:
  12. My wife works full time so we both chip in with the house work. We try and get the kids to help out but that like trying to force a rugby ball up a cats arrse. All is fine in Duckula towers.

    However, prior to the full time occupation she used to really f*ck me off with the 'Ooh I've had a really busy day, I'm so tired' shite.

    This led to a somewhat heated debate into the activities that led her to be so knackered.

    Now I would like to point out that I don't think for one minute that being a house wife and full time mother is easy but, lets look at the facts.

    A typical day would consist of:

    Hoovering - 30mins

    Tidying - 30-60mins (depending on the carnage inflicted by children)

    Loading the dishwasher - Saints preserve us. The trauma of moving cups and plates for 5mins.

    Putting the washing machine on - 3mins per load x average 3 loads per day= 9mins

    Moving washing from machine to tumble dryer - as above (add 5 mins per load for hanging it out to dry on a sunny day)

    Thats approx 113 mins with the remaining time being spent gossiping and watching shite telly. Knackered? yeah sure.

    Edited to add: I'm now off to MiTs thread to endorse the merits of domestic then, where's that belt with the big buckle?

    Edited a second time to rectify my shocking calculation :oops:
  13. An interesting article but research has shown, and statistics back this up that; 100% of men who do not marry never end up getting divorced 8)
  14. Spot on sir.

    We've had the same discussions in Miner Mansions.

    Mrs.Miner complaining of being tired all the time.
    "Sleep when the babies are asleep in the day then" I told her.
    "I don't have time" she replied.
    Things then went worse when I pointed out, that if she didn't go out every afternoon with her mum or sister shopping, or go to see her friends, she'd have time to sleep in the afternoon.
    Things also went further south when I said she had the option to "sit on her arse all day, if she wanted." Whereas I had to go to work all day and didn't have that option.
    Not the smartest thing to say to a woman with 4 month old twins, I admit.

    Still, it's all good now.
    She still moans, and I pretend to care. :D
  15. Sincerity is the key; Fake that and you've cracked it.