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Men could save a fortune on cars by visiting sex shop

Some of my male customers could save a fortune on their new car by simply buying these padded briefs, and renting a much smaller, less provocative car. Why waste money on a Porsche or Ferrari or even a Mazda RX-8? These padded briefs will give you all the street-cred and status you need.

Cost-concious women have been doing this for ages, buying Wonderbras. It’s time men learnt a trick or two! I imagine some of you soldier-boys could do with a little, ...erm... padding-out.

I surveyed 100 of my customers on my website, 50 men and 50 women. Image was much more important to the men who often commented that they wanted to “impress friends, other people and (of course) girls”. Women wanted room for shopping and a car that was less likely to be the centre of attention.


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