Men Behaving Badly

It appears that Niel Morrisey has joined the Met. Cnut!


I wanna know why the police in riot gear are hiding behind the ones who are not
I love the easy target hi viz vests!

'Right, we're going into a roit situation, I'd like you all in bright yellow'

'Can't I wear jeans, kickers and a hoody?'

Beebs :?
May be i don't have much by way of policing know how... but scary police in riot gear and all that behind the policemen in normal uniform with no armour and only soft hats.... the protesting scum throw rocks... do they have to have coppers hurt to prove a point or is it so many constabularies up there that no one is telling each other what the plan is?
I believe that the "riot police" are holding the line beyond which the protesters are not permitted to cross. Also there is a bit of a psychological & media battle going on - when the Polizei in big boots with big sticks & big shields go in the 'peaceful protesters' get good press as they always look as if they're getting beaten up by nasty fascists. By having 'soft' police lines the media also records unarmed & unprotected 'civil defenders' being attacked by an aggressive mob. It's all hearts & minds...

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