MEN - Are they worth it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tigerbaby, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. Now I have never been a lezzer in my sheltered little life and had no intentions of being one either....BUT...

    MEN, I just don't get you lot! I'm honestly baffled by your forever changing minds!! The Soon to be ex hubby has now decided that he misses me. After telling me only just over a month ago he didn't love me anymore, he's now decided that he made a mistake. Of course that mistake happened to be another woman :? so I'm puting the question to you lot because I can't be bothered sussing out wtf he's up to anymore. Couldn't go back (only needs to make that kinda mistake once with me) but would like to know just what he's playing at... go on then give me some insight please!
  2. You nag too much, maybe?
  3. lol I'm a woman, I'm allowed a certain limit, it goes with the hormones...
  4. The game. :lol:
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    ...the field?
  6. Auntie Yank says:

    He's not playing at anything. The other woman dumped him, and now he thinks he's got a consolation prize. Sh!tcan him and go treat yourself to a dayspa visit...that he can pay for.

    Or become a lesbian. Let us know how it works out. :D
  7. I figured this out funnily enough, even got on with me life too, no probs don't need a guy to make me happy blah blah blah... just can't understand why now? Why do guys think they can just expect to walk back into your life as if nothing has happened? Do you really think it works?
  8. Given all the replies above - which I subscribe to totally!! - there are similar experiences on the other side of the fence. A m8 of mine's wife had dallied before their marriage, and much against his better judgement and the advice of his friends (me included) he went ahead and married her anyway....yep you guessed it, she went off and did the same again a few months later. :(
    1. What makes you think we're all that different (guys & gals)?
    2. As I said to him before the wedding: 'If she's done it before, she'll do it again'.

    ....same advice goes to you..... :?
  9. Sounds like the other woman has given him the flick and he is getting cold at night!

    Devorce is an expensive thing, just ask my Dad :lol:

    You could Fcuk with his mind, say you will take him back if........

    1.He signs the house over to you.
    2.Employs a male maid.
    3.Removes a testical and gives it to you in a jam jar as a present.
    4.He gets a tattoo denoting he has cheated.

    This also can be used for cheating wives :twisted:
  10. Except for the testicle bit I presume! 8O
  11. 1. Am already getting him to do that
    2. :lol: you offering?
    3. It's the thing inbetween the testicles that's the problem
    4. The bugger never bothered to keep it from public knowledge, pretty sure the entire town knows, tattoo not required
  12. Cheating wives being required to remove a testicle from any man in particular? :?
  13. Women are statistically more likely to be unfaithful than men (or at least get caught!) This guy obviously sees you as second best. You have rightly seen that and refused to take him back. If you did, there would be suspicion, which would cause resentment etc. The fella has found out that the grass isn't greener on the other side. Once the thrill of the deception was removed and seeing her became the norm, the thrill went. Don't take him back, even if you have kids, you would lose your own self respect. P.S. I'm a singly now and if you're a looker and ever down Aldershot way......
  14. Doh!
  15. Yes, the man they slept with :lol: