men are like...............

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by J_D, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

    1. Men are like ........Laxatives ...... They irritate the shit out of you.

    2. Men are like ........ Bananas ...... The older they get, the less firm they are.

    3. Men are like ........ Weather ..... Nothing can be done to change them..

    4. Men are like ........ Blenders ..... You need One, but you're not quite sure why.

    5. Men are like ....... Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.

    6. Men are like ....... Commercials ...... You can't believe a word they say.

    7. Men are like ........ Department Stores ..... Their clothes are always 1/2 off.

    8. Men are like ........ Government Bonds ..... They take soooooooo long to mature.

    9. Men are like ....... Mascara ...... They usually run at the first sign of emotion.

    10. Men are like ....... Popcorn . ..... They satisfy you, but only for a little while.

    11. Men are like . Snowstorms . You never know when they're coming,
    how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.

    12. Men are like ........ Lava Lamps ..... Fun to look at, but not very bright.

    13. Men are like ....... Parking Spots . All the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped.
  2. Gwarr prostitutes smell like:

    1. Twigglets
    2. Cooked sprouts
    3. Hot cordite fumes ( eye watering )
    4. A kipper's cnut
    5. Fox's piss
    6. O.A.P care home carpets

    Their skin tends to look bleached as well, and those piggy eyes....shudder!
  3. But you will always need us to:

    Open Jars for you

    Sniff the milk to see if it's off

    Programme the video

    Park using just the one space.

    And why the hell do women need THREE towels to have a shower?
  4. C,mon Corp:

    You know you want to kill the kitten anyway...its the only pussy you ever get...
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    us women are always and have been hard to figure out. 3 towels:

    1 for the wet hair

    1 to wrap round body

    1 to dry your self
  7. RTFQ


    Girl, the last time you showered Kriss Kross was urging us to Jump Jump in the charts. If you had three towels you'd make a roof out of them.

    Men are like...really annoying and they don understan me an al dey do idkxfhkxhnn;jm;phds lhln/.dtgehj lol
  8. J_D

    J_D LE

    seriously people how dull and boring can you mis spelling is as old as dust now, get over it.

    It was funny at 1st now its as dull as a dodo!
  9. y did u f 2 take the p1ss innit?
  10. All right you silly bint, I surrender!

    Now will you stop posting this crap.
  11. Dodos aren't so much dull as - well dead.

    Dead as a dodo
    Dry as dust
    Old as the hills.
  12. "dull as a dodo"?!!!
  13. i 8 2 say it but u r rong
  14. Not forgetting the sheep for a tampon and the "Raid" bodyspray :twisted: