Memory stick problem!!!

One for the gurus out there.

I've just moved house and re-connected the PC. I've inserted the memory stick I always use (2 GB) but the PC isn't reading it no matter which port I put it in. It isn't coming up as an external drive option when I click on 'open file'. Any ideas? There is no obvious damage to the stick and the files I'm trying to open are Excel and Word.

Thanks in anticipation,

Frustrated P-T!

The easiest thing to do is to try the stick on a different machine and see if it is recognised on that. If you do not have access to another machine right now, do you have another USB device that you could plug in to test the USB port?
Open the System control panel (or right-click on My Computer and select Properties).
Go to Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
See anything with a red X or yellow warning triangle? Those would be devices that aren't
recognized or have a problem. If there's an X, try right-clicking on the device and choose
"Enable". You can also right-click and choose "Update Driver" to see if that helps.
In the Device Manager check all the entries listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
These are your USB devices and internal hardware. Any of these could be the problem. Right-
click, choose "Properties", go to the Driver tab. Choose either "Update Driver" or "Roll
Back Driver".
If none of the above helps, right-click on each of the entries listed under USB controllers
and select "Uninstall". When all are removed, reboot the system (be sure that you have a
non-USB mouse on hand for this just in case). Windows should detect your USB controller on
restart, and install drivers for the hardware. Theoretically. Good luck.
Thanks guys, will have a bash later on. :)

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