Memory stick containing troops manoeuvres left in club

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by acp290885, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Here we go again!

  2. Is this for real! how can this happen? have we gotten so fcuking leanient that no one bothers about the consequences anymore?

    This should be dealt with the same as it would have been in the good old days when we had terrorism on our door step!

    everyone makes mistakes but try explaining to the families of these guys if some cnut has/had a go.
  3. A clubber found the memory stick and handed it in to a national newspaper.

    What a idiot, "I know I've found a memory stick I'll have a look and see how much money I can get".

    Is there no such thing as an honest citizen any more??? :?
  4. I'm guessing it would be something to do with an Ex or the press have taken it out of context.

    It's still a big issue of course and the person(s) responsible should be disciplined. But 3 YORKS are due to deploy on Telic in the near-ish future (No opsec breached, it's on their website under 'future') as a bn so I doubt it had anything that would seriously breach OpSec that was relating to "70 men" - Probably just a Coy Excercise or something.

    As I say, it should still be followed up as the memory stick could have had more secure information on.

  5. Mong double post
  6. They are employing our finest MDN; he's used to probing all kinds of things! :D

  7. Someone obviously had it in their pocket and went on the piss then!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I thought anything like that would be restricted & therefore locked away.
  9. Training, Education, Professionalism.

    It's just too fcukin easy to cock up, storage devices have gotten cheaper, smaller, more plentiful, and can store way more, and there is always a slot in a bog standard machine somewhere. Bad Drills.
  10. You could get a job with MI5 with observations like that.
  11. Frankly this is down purely to the Army's piss poor grasp of IT. As far as I can tell large chunks of the army treat IT as a sort of dumb clerk they have to deal with. There's no overreaching idea of what IT could do, just a series of imposed incompetent "solutions" to problems that either nobody knew existed or cared about and a mass of childish abdication of responsibility for quite simple security issues. It is shockingly easy to encrypt data to quite a chunky level PGP is just one example. RSA secure ID cards are easy to set up. It's even possible to lock a USB memory stick so it will only work on certain systems or is itself secure.

    So why the f**k is the army, and MoD roaming around with crap?
  12. Send your CV off to them as an IT security advisor and blag a good wage packet? :twisted:
  13. I would, if I could cope with muppets telling me what IT can do....!
  14. Surely something like that would be restricted? That being the case, handing it to the press is an offence under the Official Secrets Act (I think), and the civvy concerned should be arrested and charged.

    If you want honest citizens, don't look for them in nightclubs...
  15. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Navystar, onboard, only lets us access a MoD REST USB Stick. They can not be removed from the ship unless clearance has been given and the number onboard is limited and regularly checked.

    JSP states (latest amend) that unless encrypted no digital media is to be removed from the establishment.

    I suspect this is a civi USB stick were a unit AT event admin has been done and lost.

    The rules are there, the systems in place but if someone does the work at home or on their laptop you are stuffed.