Memory of Sands returns to haunt IRA leadership

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Would Bobby Sands have regarded the hunger strike that ended in his death 25 years ago this week as a price worth paying for his IRA comrades to share power with Ian Paisley under the British Crown?.

    There are new revelations about how the IRA manipulated the men, prolonging the fast to serve its political ambitions. The decision by Sand's family to hold a private event in the Maze hospital block has presented a public challenge to the Sinn Fein Leadership.

    Sand's sister who is married to the Real IRA leader Michael McKevitt, has made it clear in the past that the family are opposed to the Sinn Fein Leadership.

    A TV docu tonight on the Republic's RTE channel will support the theory that, contrary to Sinn Fein orthodoxy, the obstacle to ending the hunger strikes in 1981 was not Margaret Thatcher's intransigence. The docu claims the the IRA was offered a deal by Maggie that would have saved at least six of the hunger strikers.

    Im supprised its taken so long for others to work out how Messers Adams & McGuinness have manipulated Republicans for there own political gains.
  2. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we toddled up to the republican plot in Milltown cemetary and heard loud spinning sounds coming from the graves of all of the hunger strikers - especially Bobby Sands & Francis Hughes! IMO they would be horrified to realise that they gave their lives for a sell out. They believed that they went on strike for the cause of a united Ireland overall. The issue of prisoner status and clothes was a very minor one.
  3. Well they're united now.

    And good fcuking riddance.
  4. I wonder if there will be a buffet? :twisted:
  5. indeed, PSF might like to make out that ten men starved themselves to death for an all-Ireland tourist authority, and to continue their revisionism over the nature of the cause, but PSF is being divided into two camps - those who are begining to wake up to the consequences of PSF/PIRA's defeat, and those who no longer care.
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  9. Bit of a strong point old chap. I think the issue here is that Nationalists are slowly coming to terms with the fact that the Sinn Fein Leadership have been exploiting them. New revelations are coming to light and Gerry is begining to worry now.

    Look at down south during the 1916 parade a few weeks back, The folk in Dublin were not interested in Sinn Feins commeration parade the day before and thousands attended for the Government parade. It's a rocky road ahead for them.
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  13. We'll never forget you, Billy Sands!
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  15. Well said.

    Anniversary parade, Milltown Cemetery (grenades permitting).