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I'm toying with the idea of buying memory map. Could any arrsers enlighten me as to it's benefits/drawback/hints/tips, or it works etc. Is it worth investing in? The price is the only thing which is putting me off at the moment.

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, I have it. it's damn good for planning training for CFT's etc and also Nav ex's. The 3D fly throughs are good, I use those for some of my pre-weekend briefings to show the guys what the ground will look like.
Also the route cards are pretty useful.

The only draw back (apart from the price) is that I can't get a link between my Garmin forerunner to see where I've tabbed!

But otherwise a pretty good bit of kit. I have it installed on a toughbook, so that I can track where we are in the back of the FFR.
Do you have to buy maps for each new area?

I noticed that there is some sort of 'build your own map' feature on the website where you can make 2500, 5000 and 10,000sq km maps? How does this work? Thanks.
I have the complete set, if you wish I can let you have what you require. Well the complete set as of a year ago :)

Not sure about each area, I just bit the bullet and got the lot. But i'm sure you can buy mapping by the area and it's a pretty good way of doing it. sorry can't be any more help!
HVM_Boy said:
you know you can get OS maps overlayed onto google earth for free?
Since Google Earth is easy and free it is the only mapping I have on my puter now. In Memory Map you can actually build maps within the programme.

if you have Google earth already installed on your computer its should work automatically.

download the kml file as indicated above. when it is downloaded, open the file and google earth should open in automatically.

the OS maps placemark should appear in your "temporary placemarks" on the left hand side of your google earth window,

zoom in until you are relatively close to the ground over the UK. the OS maps shall be magically superimposed ontop of google earth.
That'll be the reason then ha ha, im on the laptop not the PC hence no Google Earth!
Dont worry about me, i have a head full of wee sweety mice, and they're all squeaking too!

Thanks for all the replies-very useful!

Edited for mong spelling.

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