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Sappers , just why are we called the Gentlemen of the Corps of Engineers ?
I must have been told at some time but bugger if I can remember .
I think you will find it was bcause 'Engineers' were recruited from the Gentlemen Class (18th and 19th Century), The donkey work was carried out by Pioneers, and anybody else (Grunts) they could lay their hands on.

And I'm not even a Sapper!
I had a good crack with what was 59's Recce Troop, top blokes, but inwardly cringed when a bouyant and rightfully proud sprog home for the weekend got into a heated 'lanyard' debate with some 50 odd year old ex RA type in my old local over Ripponden way, it finished with him being nutted then sliding down the side of a fruit machine comedy style.
As ACAB has said the officers were all educated gentlemen of the corps.
Us Sapper scum didn't join them until 1856 and by then the tradition of calling Engineers gentlemen had already stuck.

That may well be bollocks, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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