War Hero
I was talking to my father a couple of days ago and he was reminiscing about his army days. He joined the army in 1940 his declared age was 18 but he was actually 16. He actually joined the Suffolk Regiment but was as he put it yanked out to join the REME because he'd been to college, just as well because the Suffolks were sent to Singapore where most of them became POWs under the Japs and made to work on the infamous Burma railroad. To this day if you mention General Percival to him the language and abuse that comes out of his mouth is appalling. I've never heard such hate and venom towards one man.
He is now 85 survived one heart attack and now lives in sheltered accomodation where he is feared by some staff and inmates.
If anyone has any humorous memories of him can you post them.
He Became RSM at the following Camps all REME

1958 Donnington (Shropshire)
1958-61 1 Brigade Wksp Catterrick Camp
1961-64 SEME, Bordon
He was then promoted to Captain and went on to serve in
Shajah(Persian Gulf), West Berlin, Detmold, Kluang and finally Middle Wallop.

You'll understand why I joined the navyliving in the same house as an RSM