Memories of Woolwich

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by defender, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. As we (The Gunners) are moving out of Woolwich lets have your memories of the place.

    Was it being there as a recruit, first boot run down the dell on a hot summers day to brake your first boots in.

    Was it being posted there at some time as a drill pig or some other instructor or part of 16 Regt RA

    Was it just staying there while your unit did some parade or duty some were close.

    Or was it there on the pop Flaming Joes, the Star, the Pullmans the Earl or the Kings.
  2. This is the first ive heard of this,whats happening is the woolwich barracks getting closed completely.I only did stab training there in 1985 with 17 training regt ,which at the time seemed to be 2 weeks of pure hell,bumping floors till 01.30am ish up at 04.30. PT, breakfast ,then lessons followed by 10 mins to eat lunch.rapid changes of uniform in the middle of the night,getting beasted up and down the front parade ground for moving my finger whilst doing drill but its the best thing i ever did in my life(regret not going full time)My memories of the dell are not so pleasant we had to go in the gas chamber first under the watchfull evil eye of sgt Spong (then go plodding round the dell and assault course,fortunately didnt do the death slide over the water cos it was contaminated.Im really surprised its closing as to me this is the home of the royal artillery
  3. not closing but ra moving to larkhill lock stock and barrel cerrimonial troops moving to woolwich ( guards have wanted our parade square for years ) chealsea brks being sold of.
    i did my ta btc in feb 86 and loved it and did a lot of courses there as well
    sad to loose the gunners home but i think the officers mess is staying there as well as the silver room and medal rooms, gunner mag already at larkhill al the rest move this year, i think there is a farewell parade and
    dinners in 2007
  4. Not everyone is moving out, CVHQ RA is staying and so is the RA Band.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ah fond memories of being a Q in 14 Bty, Thursday afternoon SNCO/Offr Conferpisssupence, waking up the next day fully clothed wondering how I got back to the mess, finding BSM sleeping in office
  6. Le Cateau Nov 78 - Feb 79 you never forget your first introduction to the British Army... :threaten:

    There a few threads with details of the farewell parade etc over here:
  7. d12gnr

    Sorry mate the officers mess is going to be moved to larkhill same as the Sgt mess. Apart from what belongs to 16 regt which will go with them for there messes.
  8. Entered B Section, Le Cateau Troop, 17 (Tg) Regt. May '69.
    Bdr. Grant (Albert) a scouse refugee from 7 (Para) RHA and our principal Section NCO ( no criticism of the others, he was simply outstanding) was a wonderful man. Formed a great deal of my own character, and I dare say that of many others. I extended my stay at 17 with a brief but ultimately unsuccessful interlude in the "Plonk" wing, O.C Captain Cannon.
    I loiter here from time to time ( sad old fart ) to assist Young Rat in his pre-selection endeavours.
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  9. many thanx deffender i knew some one would have a more up to date view
  10. good memories of my basic training 1975,C section, inkerman troop,was worried when we heard our drill sgt`s name was FURY,turned out he was a great guy, our bdr`s were thompson & reid[/img]
  11. Arnhem Troop Jan 1984 - Lets go plodging in the Dell and contract impetigo. Jabs up the hoop for the whole camp!
  12. Big Jim Cannon - top bloke and a fine example to POs!
  13. Another ex Le Cateau here 87-88

    That first weekend, coveralls and brand new boots tabbing down to the dell and being told that we were going to be the last unit to do this, yeah right

    Passing off the square and WHAT a square

    Drill and turnout competition in a force 9 gale, controlling giggles watching the RSM chase off after his cap.

    The promise of a xmas party with the QA from QEMH

    Practicing the slow match coming back from the cookhouse.

    The Troop Sgt loosing his rag at anyone walking across the drill square from the Skill To Arm wing

    Being marched to the PRI shop to buy our "issue" tracksuits, and what lovely tracksuits they were, all thick, hairy and 70s wide collared.

    Gus the Gorilla

    The Kings Arms across the road

    Volunteering for guard as it meant you could get to the chippy

    The list is endless
  14. Wellyhead

    I can promise you that you were not the last to go down the dell in coveralls and brand new boots as i was part of the last intake to do phase 1 training at woolwich in 1992 and we most certanly broke our boots in around and through the dell.
  15. I broke my ankle in the dell - on the water jump whilst on a Pre-RCB visit. The nice PTI refused to believe it was broken because it didn't swell up. After the period, he grudgingly conceded to taking me to the Med Centre - where a broken ankle was revealed. Oh what a shafting he got from a)the Troop officer, b)the Regimental Secretary (Col blowers) and finally from Guy Hatch! Happy days.