Memories of Verden

Verden, how I miss it.  Getting pisssed in the Sqn Bar at 1200 hrs every Friday before staggering back to the block for a shower and a change of clothes to go "down town".

By "down town" of course I mean bouncing between George's Bar, the Schnelly and the Kings Pub - the only places to be seen in for the discerning squaddie about town.

I have a host of great memories of this place and was gutted when they closed it down.  Come on all you old 1 Div duffers what's the best thing you remember about being in lovely Caithness (or Shiel) Barracks?


I do seem to remember that HQ Sqn had a rambling mad OC for a while (Queens I think he was), who used to talk to trees and things.

But yes, the sqaudron bar was ace and Id kill for a gyros!!!!!


I remember him, he was the scruffiest man in NATO and he used to drive the SSM (mad geordie George B) wild.


And the most boring BFT route in BFG.  Out the gate, turn left, run for a mile and a half and turn round!


Remember a bar next to the shnelly - the Bistro - full of sad german wannabe goths.  And didnt the Kings pub get torched/flooded/robbed etc for the insurance on a regular basis?


What about that mad Irish RSM who thought it would be a good idea to test the guard by throwing thunder-flashes at them at 3 AM. This was at the time when the IRA were having a field day in Germany killing Brits
:( They were the days remember doing the horse trials every year then getting changed and off to the Donvoy every year I miss it so much heide park down the road the best theme park in Germany now it is ace. I still have a few contacts in Verden. Flash the old 2 sqn ssm Jeff Ashwell is still there. Billy Dodds Craig Walker, Deano whitehouse to name but a few I was old 3 Sqn with a few nutters in it Liney by trade lived hard and played hard. Know where I can contact my old Line Sergeant Dave King god I miss the banter we used to have would have done 22 years there. All the best ex Verden dudes
remember it being a dump and the very short time i spent there being pretty crap
and yes the BFT route was very boring
Went to verden last year for a stag weekend with some other lads from 1sqn who i still see. George's, kings and the shnellie are now all houses. The camp (caithness) is still the same, most of the blocks are now offices. The l.a.d garages and car park are stables for all the horses from over the road. The gym is still there,1sqn garages havn't changed, Sgt's mess been knocked down and a car sales there,and they built a supermarket where toc-h and naafi used to be. :cry:
Shiel was a total mess, totaly vandalised. I had to go in to the guard room just to bring back memories of 21 days of co's pleasure. :D
Kirby and dalton were in charge when i was there, and they had the place so happy and well run nobody wanted to leave...good times c.o's run on a friday. If you didnt beat him back you got remedial pt. He was always near the back anyway. Walking past the camp on the way home to get an esso burger and a litre can of fax beer....
I spent a few years in 1ADSR as a nipper, didn't experience any of the bars first hand as I was only 7. Sounds like a right hoot tho......

There used to be a adventure park with a death slide in the woods near Adelbert Strasse or whatever it was called. I remember once seeing Freddy Kruger in those woods - its true, ask my brother.
no1cares said:
I spent a few years in 1ADSR as a nipper, didn't experience any of the bars first hand as I was only 7. Sounds like a right hoot tho......

There used to be a adventure park with a death slide in the woods near Adelbert Strasse or whatever it was called. I remember once seeing Freddy Kruger in those woods - its true, ask my brother.
I spent 5 years there as a kid when my dad was posted there. then what do you know i get posted there 10 years later... lived in hoppenkamp and went to churchill school.
The adventure park is called marchenland. spent some good days in there :D
I loved it that much I got my tour extended :x to 5 years.. like a bloody sentence..

I was thinking of going back over next year for a look about just for the crack.

Sheil sounds a right mess and when looking on Google Earth it looks it too.

Had some good times there for a brief period, got jailed with 2 others chucking furniture out of windows after OP GRANBY, was up visiting. Dalton the RSM and that T i T RP TWIGGER got called in, what a laugh.............Good old days.
I remember doing the walk of shame many an early hours up the main drag from georges and kings - and the place on the corner - the Sit in i think.

Also the sand pits round the back of Shiel getting ragged on PT.

And the wierd bloke in the Sparky by the main gate who just used to rip up your withdrawal slip stating the immortal words - "You have nothing!!" - could always get 100 marks of him for a six pack of becks tho.

Was my first Unit and most favourite - ford memeories indeed!!!

And Twigger the RP was a cnut!!
Here is my one and only photo from Verden that seems to have survived the intervening years.

Taken with a crappy disc camera that I found in the corridor one day (honest!). It's the view from my room window in HQ block and you can clearly see the entrance to the old UAO - which was also the entrance to the Sparky bank and upstairs was the HQ Sqn bar.

Anyone else got photos of the old place?
No particular good memories of Verden. Served there 87-98 Oscar troop.

Had the unfortunate honour of being middle floor block job nco - effing nightmare when Geordie G and Geordie H went on a bender, Still remember with fondness Geordie G going on an active Edge pis=ed as a newt and opening his backpack to find only a set of no2's. Lol.

Chris A and Dupers the latters wedding

Memories really fading fast now

I ran comms ops and G3 ops in my time there aswell as the commsec wagon which made me do more ex's than most people.
We would have been there at the same time Chimp. I served in Verden from 1986 - 1989, 1986 - 1987 as 3 Sqn Clerk before moving to HQ Sqn.

I'm assuming that one of the Geordies you speak of was the same one who used to go to Hamburg every year on his birthday to partake of the pleasures of the Reeperbahn ladies?
Very fond memories! Lovely town, anyone remember going towards Bremen towards some lakes in the summer/barbeques/swimming? Can't remember the names of the places. Lots of good restaraunts in the late 70's/80's - Greek & Turkish and a good place to start to see the rest of N. germany at that time
Served there 1975-78. All those exercises on Minden Ridge.

What was that bar near the railway crossing, used to be run by a transvestite ??

Bacon rolls down at the TocH is my fondest memory.

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