Memories of Lisburn

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Thought I'd start a new thread for fellow arrser's to post their memories of Lisburn.

    What a phenominal first tour in the Corps.

    Friday afternoon in the Fly (Knocks Rd Car Park, Placcy Pub and the new build)
    Friday night in the 39 bar.
    Saturday in the Castle or Coachmans, back up the hill, shite, shower, shave and into the Bop.
    Sunday in the Fly again
    Monday - Bars all closed to re-stock
    Tuesday - up and down the strip
    Wednesday in the Bop
    Thursday - up and down the strip
    Friday ranges and back into the Fly....Start all over again.

    Does anyone remember that MGS guy who used to walk around the Sandhurst block trying to talk religion to the blokes as they were getting ready for a night of drinking and shagging? He never got the hint that we were not interested, even in the face of blatant stiff ignorings all round. I remember J****n W***s blanking him out right as he played on his Commodore Amiga (Remember them?)and the guy still persisted.

    And then there was the Trg Sgt from the Queens Own Highlanders (A*** F*****Y) Mad as feck and had a complete hatred of the Corps. His range days were an experience that will stay with me forever.

    I will be sure to post more memories as this thread develops but these will do for now.
  2. Deep breath: Lisburn, days and nights out in the Pubs in the Town centre, Robin's Nest (all red), Discos in the NAAFI (really really awful) getting in the WRAC block at night and sneaking out in the morning :wink: some Geordie blerk hiding on the window ledge and falling off into the flower beds during bed check :p , Lagan Valley Nurses Home (saying nowt !!) , losing a few Pioneer Corps lads to a Honey Trap atrocity :x , City centre and MiniBus bombings :x but otherwise; parties, women, Nurses, great memories of Thiepval and the Cookhouse. Great days with some bad memories.

  3. Used to live in the portacabin between the 233 bar and the 39 bar. Best three years of my drinking career.
  4. I've got many happy drunken memories of both my tours at Lisburn. The Greenfly was usually heaving on a friday, though by the time I was back for tour number two a lot of the OOB's had been lifted and we would head out into Lisburn and Belfast to get pissed.

    I remember the TCWO who worked at FIU in the late 90's. The MT used to resemble a used car lot and was known as "honest Bob's quality motors".

    At about the same time a new QM pitched up from the Gren Gds and promptly turned the QM building into something resembling the guards museum.

    I lived in the delightful Sandhurst block which was certainly an education for a first tour LCpl. Apart from the vermin infestations and green water, I remember one night when a bunch of lads from 15 Sigs came in off the piss and decided to open their mates fridge to get more beer. The fridge was chained shut as the owner didn't want the contents robbed. The Sigs took it up to the top floor and threw it out of the window. The impact detroyed the fridge and its contents and someone rang the guardroom thinking that we were being mortared. Needless to say, CO 15 Sigs orders on monday morning were interesting......
  5. I have fond memories of the UDR bar and the chip van that was always waiting outside. Also of tempting girls from the UDR back to our cabin across the car park, or tasty Jo who used to help out in the SSVC shop. Or even all of us trying to find the source of the smell in the Greenfly, when it was in the Sandhurst Block, and weeks later finding the missing cat stuck behind the bar!

    There was a lot of beer and when I went there as a first tour Lance-Jack a lot of beardy big timers on Friday nights. I even remember doing duty clerk in 121 and the FRU OPS WO coming in to watch C4 news one night and giving me a "hell in a hand-cart" type lecture as I was watching the Bill!! It was a certain fella beginning with D and he gave me the proper hair-dryer treatment. Happy days!

    But mostly I remember the beer..........
  6. Would that be the one of the original cabins across the car park, past the stables and living with the goats? Not them posh cabins they built on Knox Road car park in about 1983-ish. Frozen toilets in the winter, goats eating your washing and bloody freezing.
  7. Tampax Towers !!
  8. 3 am, sound of breaking glass in ground floor room in sandhurst block.

    Dangerous, Unshaven, check-shirted men and women, and Shag, the mongrel pinched from the Creggan, emerge onto the road from the room next to the REME "Swamp" , to find pi55ed young sapper with profusely bleeding hand.

    His opening remark is " it wan't me guv"

    First aiders spring into action, before the guard commander arrives the injured party is wearing a thomas splint, 2 cannulas and plasma drips, an airway, neck brace, multiple shell dressings as well as a tube algepan and some tubigrip.

    ( the dog got to him first)

    Meanwhile the courier chick with the hennad hair has got our her crystals and has started chanting....Ommmmm.

    Shag is severly bollocked in front of Gd Comd when the patient / prisoner is handed over, and put on ROPs. Later that morning Shag pleads with two rising, early morning joggers to join the constitutional run round the lake, but due to ROPs is left in the room.

    Even before they get out of the block, Shag has jumped through the newly created hole in the window, and is stood wagging his tail next to the departing jogger's Marina 1800 twin carb!
  9. O*** the dangerously unbalanced sigs driver from the far north of Scotland buying a bugle from Nutts corner market (with the cords in REME colours of all things). Later that night pissed he decided to teach himself to play it. One in the morning orderly corporal tries to convince him to stop playing it. He stops thinks about it for a while then come out with the classic. Yeah but think of your wife and family and everyone else's family far away from here, we all miss them and THIS TUNE'S FOR THEM!, cue the most discordant blaring ever as orderly corporal tries to grab the bugle at the same time as O*** blew his heart out. I am convinced to this day the bugle was a wall hanger and never meant to make a sound. It was only resolved by someone grabbing the bugle and chucking it from the top floor of the Sandhurst block.

    That and arguing with the Provost sergeant who wanted me to wear my helmet on sangar duty, on the day before my discharge and after de kit (how the **** I ended up on guard I don't know). The thick ****** couldn't get his head round the fact that , The master of Signals, The garrison QM(A), The 15sigs QM(T), and the RQ all had more say in when I de-kitted than he or I did. The comedy only stopped when the orderly officer phoned the 15 sigs SQMS who leant me his old airbourne skid lid. This started it off again till the Prov was up for taking me out the back. The chunks were coming up to me asking me to stop winding him up, My Sgt had come down to see if I could take the daft basstard, and only 15s RSM turningup and sending me to a sangar on my own with an LMG for the rest of the duty brought it too an end (they brought me a bucket to piss in and a deat pack as well, whe I got abck in the morning Prov was not in yet. Classic.
  10. Oh, how we up on the NorthWest Frontier envied you base barnacles with your flash Marinas and cool Maestos. Ladas and Allegros we had, and brown they were, too. Only on progression to LINCO status did we attain the status of Little Red Corvette (this step could be bodyswerved, of course, by a WIS tour and supercharged 1800 glory, but that was for the dashing Few).
  11. I met my future wife while at lisburn so for me it leaves bad taste in my mouth. 8)
  12. Two years of fun and frolics at JATOC. Not Slime, I know, but here's my take........

    Sitting in the sun watching a spot of 39 Bde cricket, before striding out into the middle of the cricket pitch mid-over, lifting the bails and wandering back to my perch by the tree-phone. The players giving me shit, only to have the GOC's Gazelle send them packing.

    Dragging my Boss's motorbike up three floors and parking it on his Boss's desk. The look on his face the next morning. Organising jollies, sorry, tasking spare aircraft to show grateful girls what the Emerald Toilet looked like from above.

    Getting a parking ticket from some jobsworth and wandering into the Guardroom with the line "I'm wearing jeans and Danners, and I work in an organisation beginning with J" and getting away with it.

    The Med Centre Practice Manager, who, when asked if I could have a copy of my FMeds, said "No, but there's a photocopier in my office, I'm off to lunch." You'll never know how handy that set of notes became in the following months.

    Summit, Peak, and Placky Pub.

    Getting my LS&GC off the GOC. Leaving the Mob, having turned my Boss's trousers into DPM Bermuda shorts on my last watch, the morning he was due to meet his Boss's Boss, the Station Commander at Aldergove.
  13. No I was in the "posh" cabins on the carpark though they were not so posh after 4 years of radged madmen knocking chunks out of them. To really confess my sins however we need a thread called Memories of Ebrington - supercharged WIS 1800s included.
  14. Many many happy memories...

    1. Met the mrs (still together 20 yrs on)
    2. When I arrived at Aldergrove I asked the guy picking me up if I could see his ID card (yes I know what a tw"t). My only excuse was that I had just come from field force.
    3. Drunk as 20 men the same day as it was Cup Final - made quite an impression.
    4. 24 hr discos in the Horseshoe.
    5. Mongolian fried lamb for sunday lunch at the chinky.
    6. The Dundonald Mangler - (not the mrs).
    7. First sight of the fair sex in lycra (later saw same semi naked on top of a van). God Bless the RMP.
    8. The Castle and Mucky Duck.
    9. Weekends in the Mournes.
    10. The Forge.
    11. UDR bar and greenfinches.
    12. Saturday night at the Stormont House.

    God I miss it, even the bad bits!!
  15. It was a great C/S until we stopped at the chippy in Hilltown one night and the locals mistook us for the previous owner . 8O

    Sadly the car came with no history, but what would the guys in MT know about that sort of thing ......? :evil:

    We gladly swapped it out for an Allegro in metallic Renyard Brown with its discretely knocking CV joints. ( kindly replaced one weekend by a man in a shed in Ballyhalbert.. no thanks to MT / CRB there)