Memories of Bletchley Park - Barbara E. Waite

Having recently attended the funeral of my neighbour and step-in grandmother, Barbara Elizabeth Waite, I thought I'd share a little something with all of those interested in the history of WWII and Bletchley Park in particular.

Barbara died on Valentines Day of this year - she was a MORSE slip reader at the infamous Bletchley Park. She even met (and had a dance with) Major Glenn Miller shortly before his disappearance in 1944.

I've attached her memoirs to this post and I hope some of you will enjoy reading about her experiences during the war.

A lovely lady, with an incredible intellect and a wicked sense of humour.

RIP Barbara.


should sympathise with your loss, however this is a great read with a totally different perspective from the normal things you hear about time at Bletchly Park, and perfectly summarises a lost breed with her comment on being bombed in the blitz - 'What a hoot!!'

This is a must read.


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is it as good as hut 33? :)
"The goose that didn't cackle"... from the idiot that did after World War 1 and published. Nobody even knew for 3 decades about Bletchley Park. Special people indeed.


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Unfortunately Cairncorss cackled regularly to Stalin but mercifully he didn't see it as in his interest to cut off what he was getting by sneaking to Hitler.
A totally different generation to what we have now.

Thanks for sharing that.

I hope she had a hoofing send-off and I have to reflect the comments of other posters about it being a different breed, a different generation. She sounded a lovely lady and I really enjoyed reading that. Thanks :)
Mate, I too thoroughly enjoyed it, but couldn`t help thinking throughout the read, that with a bit of expansion, this could make the basis of a cracking novel.

want to echo the thoughts of others on this thread as well.
An interesting insight. I keep meaning to visit Bletchley but never seem to get around to it.
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