Memories of Belize

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gunner_REMF, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Having just read the thread about the roughest sh1thole bars it got me thinking of Belize. One of my great memories is one of our JNCO's needed to get back to Holdfast Camp from San Ignacio after an all nighter in the Blue Angel. Good old Sugar the taxi driver was unavailable so copped sight of the Force Intelligence Officers Landrover (FINCO) parked outside the police station with keys in. He drove back parked up outside the rum shack opposite camp and still made it back in time for PT.

    Any other Belize ditts

  2. -Memories of Beize.

    "Huh, isn't there an L in there?"

    (anguished American voice) "No way, L was back in Vietnam man!"
  3. Thanks for the spell check guys

  4. Ahhh Belize......waking up in Marks Bar at some ungodly hour with the worlds shiitiest tatoo on my arm...Happy days
  5. His burgers and Rum 'n' Coke were an excellent source of nutrition ahead of a night of Raul's gymnastics with 3 of their finest Honduran Trollops
  6. Barstwerd trees, fire trees, Mozzies, Sand flies, Fer De Lances, big fekking spiders, big fekking ants, dead fall,

    Listening to blokes falling out of their hammocks, drinking water from a vine, constantly wet, constant battle with the red stuff on your rifle. 1 AHC batteries and the hand generator, carrying a PRC 320 in my bergan.

    Seeing a scorpion tank destroy an bunker with a cannister round during a live Coy attack at BB, being winched into the jungle by a Puma so we could cut the HLS, Pl Sgt making you take paladrin at stand to only to puke it up again a minute later, seeing the look on the faces of the 2 Para patrol when we ambushed them.

    Belly Ache Beer - and the hangover afterwards, Stims, tripping over a comatosed Engineer outside Big Daddys in San Pedro, sleeping in the Attap by the NAAFI in APC because our tented accomodation flooded (thanks 2Para). Being told by the CQMS to put all of our kit in a ISO container before we went on R and R and the state of it when we got back (rotten and rusty springs to mind)

    Fekking Brilliant - I want to go again
  7. JB,s on the Western Highway..... Fantastic Burger and Chips, wouldnt like to say what was in the burgers though!!!

    I remember Smudger rolling his 4 Tonner on the way to Holdfast (with supplies for NAAFI on board, including the beer) being nicked by all the locals. The RHF/Glosters were not happy no beer for a week...............

  8. JB's respect to those burgers!

    Main memory getting casevaced from jungle after bot fly bite in arm got infected, flown to APC, 1 inch lava and a whole load of shite pulled from arm!
  9. Remember those Land crabs - some were ginormous :D

    People getting charged for getting sunburnt haha

    Blokes hammocks etc going twang in the night, listening to muttering and cursing as they tried rebuild in the pitch black jungle, all the while pretending to be asleep so you didn't have to get up and help them :D :D

    That minging Belikin beer fk me that was bad stuff

    ahhh the memories
  10. Drinking chacoal rum and coke becuase the Schiltz and Heineken had all gone. drinking Rum and coke in Rauls because belekin really was the beer of last resort. Paying 60 dollars for the night and 1 dollar for soap and not being allowed to keep the soap?? - Caye Caulker - San Pedro - long weekends in Can Cun with gullible yank women......
  11. I actually liked the Belikin Beer!!

    I did 9 months in Belize and was sorry to leave in the end.

    I remember the land crabs too!! They used to put their claws up, if you went to run over them in your vehicle.

    I remember nicking the distributor caps off the RMP Land rovers and throwing them away before leaving camp on a night out!!!!
  12. That was generally the blokes who tried to get away with using G10 String instead of paracord.

    First night in the 'J' being told by the JI that because it was so dark at night you couldn't do anything except sleep, read or wnak - I can't sleep for 12 hours and didn't take a book so spent the first two weeks trying to turn myself inside out.
  13. Taking a rover up to the border and going into Chetumal for the weekend. The queue outside the pecker checkers office on a Monday. Heating up coins and dropping them to the beggars from the upstairs cafe. The stench from the open sewers at the top of APC. Wee monsters with ginormous teeth. Belikin beer and its subsequent hangover from hell. Being called a moonie on your 1st couple of weeks in country. Having to wear socks long sleeves and a buttoned up to the top shirt in the sgts mess despite it being 80 deg f. Amusement at the dhobi bird's goings on in the shower block each morning....form a q guys!
  14. Yeah that was a good thing I'd forgotten about - plenty of down time when it got dark.
    and the joys of river crossing, watching the lads who weren't good swimmers bricking it :D
  15. I still have not found anything more unpleasant than running past the Belikin factory, the stench was unbelievable, it really was fucking bumpin'