Memories of 4 Divs Munch

Come on all the fearless 4 ADSR, remembering 00FA90. What happened in the Munch whilst you served in Herford??
Ah yes, The Munch. There were several occasions that I was so p1ssed in the bar that I had to get a taxi to the Munch, after all it was obligatory to do the BMW if you weren't away somewhere else (Bar, Munch, Wichtig's!) and just because you could no longer walk due to far too many 'Cream Sodas' between beers wasn't an excuse.

Anyway, the question should be "What didn't happen in the Munch?"

I've seen eating, drinking, laughing, crying, fighting, theft, celebration, comiseration, deception, aggression, submission, conception and all points in between.... but I don't talk about THAT night.
The munch , the half way house between 7sigs & Jasmines !! All I can remember of that place was the puke bowls half way up the wall with a grab handle either side. Oh and the cheese burgers that were completly covered in cheese !!!! The Wichdig,s a complete topic on it,s own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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