Memories of 211 Signal Sqn (11 armoured bed) Minden 80s

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chimp503, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Seen many threads here on units in the Signals. My favourite has been my first out of training and that was 211 in Minden.

    Arrived in July 82 and posted to 1 Div (verden) in October 87

    So many characters and memories - come on guys lets have some of them.

    Shared a room with Hoppy, Russ, and Dave M, over the years, memory is fading fast now and could do with some reminding.

    Jock A***** when he got stuck down a chimney on post ex, I think it was QF or perhaps the big one after that.

    Sweeping snow off the parade square when it was still snowing,

    SSgt Barney B***** and his no2 rain coat - think his son played for Bristol City and is now at Aldershot

    SSM C***** pure evil but what a proper SSM should be like - remember spinning the wheel for extras -or if really unlucky getting a thump.

    I was in Alpha troop and worked on G3 ops with Dave M and Mac Mc.d.
  2. I didn't realise that Darren Barnard was Barneys lad. He was not a bad player. I only live about 800 yards from the Rec, might wander down there, they have a couple of ex Mansfield lads there too.

    Barney was my troopy at 21 in the Traz.

  3. He was born in Rinteln late 70's Barney came to 211 as troop staffy in 83 I think
  4. I remember Barney being pushed round the BFT circuit on his 40th!
  5. I remember this very well.

    R**ph was quite badly injured if i remember rightly - I saw him years late in Province, still in so not that badly injured.
  6. Yeah. I had to go down to the workshops and get all the rubble out of the Panzer. He got a few broken ribs a dislocated shoulder and a chipped tooth. They had him blowing up balloons in BMH Rinteln.
  7. Just heard from E-layer who updated me on some of the personalities, further to that Boss Hogg is now in Edinburgh doing security, only heard this a few months back from R**s J*****e could not believe the old bugger was still alive lol. Chris Se***s the old boxing training supremo is in New Zealand, many memories of me and him going to Hannover to drinks and ducks but b4 then going to the hotel outside the station and using my access card to buy drinks for the two of us and leaving there leathered lol
  8. 432s were never panzers in minden - they were always "beasts"
  9. Ah, but what were they when they turned into 436's.

    Now in contact with a number of guys from the early 80's

    Jack Frost
    Russ Jardine
    Steve Jenkins
    Andy Estall
    Nick Kimber

    Feel a small reunion coming on
  10. I was there in the 80's
    Struggle with names now but I struggle with most things.
    Was a one of place. The Gripper was a bastard until you joined his boxing squad. Then we could do no wrong.
    Then the Clone arrived. I got on alright with him after a few arguments.
    Miss my buddy Roy T. Hope he's still alive somewhere. Then Norm and Jedd.
    Only posting I was ever happy and I was told before I went it was like a penal battalion.