Memories of 14 Sigs?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. It might be of interest to know that the 14 Sig Regt (EW) Association has established a website - - and a forum - - and any currently serving or old and bold might like to look at these. Very thin content at the moment, do register and play along if you ever served in Langeleben, Wesendorf, Scheuen, Celle, Osnatraz, Hullavington or Brawdy.
  2. Deploying to link now+
  3. Chuffin' wobbly heads! I'm sure they've employed some very good people over the years but on the whole.... i hate anything to do with 14. Woofters!

    Not in the least bit suprised to learn that the 14 Sig Regt (EW) Association has formed it's own website! This forum not good enough for you lot then? Always did fancy yourselves as being above the rest of us. Elitist spanners! God, your worse than the bloody Monkeys.


  4. And..... breathe. Feel better, now? Good.

    The idea of the Association is to keep people - and not just from the Royal Corps - who served in the Regiment in touch with each other, nothing more.

    I'm going to try to overcome my crushing disappointment that you "...hate anything to do with 14" and get on with my life. Perhaps you ought to do the same.

    Glad, the Elitist Spanner.
  5. Excellent reply, and i'm glad you won't be losing too much sleep over my rant, lol.

    Personally, i think Associations/Organisations provide an invaluable service to those that like to be a member of such things. I have known some excellent soldiers/tradesmen who have been members of the Wobbly heads. Sadly, it is as a unit that i have found 14 to be less than hospitable or forthcoming with regards to the rest of the Corps.

    Rest assured your past Unit is not alone on my "Gits list"! I know some very nice French people but hate the bloody Nation! We should have dug that tunnel downhill and poured all our crap down it!

    With regards to your last piece of advice, i do intend to move on and get over it! Who knows.... one day i might be able to! :)

    Best of luck with the new website.

  6. I loved it at 14.... Osnabruck. Queing up outside the bratty wagon around the back of hte Guardroom for Gyros burger mit pommes und mayo, whilst Smudge quietly bleeds to the side in the most offensive suit (tartan) ever made, complete with either lit up or spinning bow tie. (Christmas Sqn do).

    226 Sig Sqn bar behind the NAAFI area right up against the fence.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I was an RTG at 14 - probably the best time I ever had (apart from the unplanned holiday for Granby). I hear the same from pretty much whoever served with 14, maybe you are the problem?
  8. Of course i am.... and i like it! :)

    I'm sincerely glad that you had a good time at 14. I hope all soldiers of the Corps past or present enjoyed/enjoy a long and fulfilling career regardless of posting. As we are all aware.... ANY Unit is what you make of it. Doesn't stop me thinking what a bunch of elitist tosspots you all were!

    Now nip out.... purchase a sense of humour, and accept that we are all entitiled to our opinion. Even if mine is better than yours! :twisted:

  9. Ironside Kaserne, Scheuen - what a dump, managed to get up to Langy - holiday camp thank god!
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    With your fantastic wit and humour I'm sure you felt inferior at whatever unit you were at.... :roll:
  11. Whoops! It would appear that you're obviously jealous of my superior grasp of the English language.... is it a small penis thing? Keep practising bud, i'm sure one day you might just be capable of making a witty post yourself. Bless!

    Moving on, in reply to this....

    .... can i just state YET AGAIN, that i am over the moon that you and your chums had a great time at 14. Brilliant, very pleased for you. It doesn't alter the fact that i PERSONALLY think that the Unit is very elitist and generally regarded as being "up it's own bum" by much of the rest of the Corps!

    Your post proved my point superbly! Couldn't possibly be 14 could it? Nooooooooo.... must be ME that has the problem!

    Well.... i've admitted that i have. How about you meet me half way and accept the fact that the vast majority of operators regard 14 as a bunch of egotistical twonks!

    Feel free to reply and validate my point still further! :twisted:
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I must be wrong of course, not only do you speak for all operators, but the whole Corps, ....or maybe you are just a bit of a tool....but already a legend in your own mind....?
  13. Nope.... that wasn't funny at all. Keep practising that "wit" thing mate, you'll get it eventually.

    I see you've gone for the old 2 line response incorporating name calling and tired clichés! "a legend in my own mind".... if you must resort to being petty could you at least try and be original!

    I must ask why it is that you feel the need to post bigger and bigger quotes from within this thread? I'm assuming that you must have some kind of learning disability or the onset of Alzheimers, but rest assured.... the majority posting here are more than capable of following the gist so try and give it a miss eh! That said, if you must quote large chunks of my previous posts.... could you at least attempt to interpret them in the correct manner. NEVER have i stated or implied that i speak on behalf of ALL operators or the Corps on the whole. You need to loosen the band on your foil helmet mate.... it's obviously restricting blood flow.

    As for the name calling.... bless! Did that line make you feel all manly did it? I'm beginning to think that you might have been breast fed for a bit too long.

    To end then.... can we agree that you think 14 was/are the greatest thing since white sliced. While i think that the Unit as a whole (NOT individuals within it), are up their own starfish!

    Good, moving on then.
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ....because this is not my day job.
    I am always amused by those who compose long (and very dull in your case) responses to my 10 second posts......
    I suppose you will be wanting the last word now....
  15. At the very least, the new forum won't have you on it.

    No surprises there, given your open-minded approach.

    Maybe if you'd paid a bit more attention at school they'd have let you play too?