Memories are made of this

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by old_n_fat, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. So based on what I've learned on this site, you spent your hours wanking in Sanger's? abusing the local populace then big timing it to birds when you went on leave?
    Not the British Army's finest hour was it..
  2. What's the problem with cracking one off in the sanger?
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  3. It was a shameless prod for a bite :)
  4. NI tours where excellent, extra dosh, loads of flange and massive amounts of harp lager, what's not to like.
  5. I can't comment, I picked up my bit of bling for tossing it off in an ops room for 10 weeks :)
  6. If you didn't get a shag in Norn'iron you must (as I have long suspected) been gay.10 weeks was more than long enough to develop a bad lager and fat Irish bird habit.
  7. I was young, fresh faced, an habitual masturbator and was drenched in teenage acne :)
  8. Fair enough. Care to tell us all about your first sexual experience and how much you are looking forward to it?
  9. Poke it :) shall we swap war stories ? I bet my 5 hours under contact beats you loosing off a half mag of barely controlled Bren gun fire x :)
  10. Habitual is normal is normal though innit?
    It's just that Im a bit worried about my eyesight

  11. 'innit?' between you and me pal they don't like niggers or patois on this site, they are quite a harsh bunch....Just type the Queens and your laughing..
  12. Swoon, you're my hero. Care to give us an in depth description of you facing down terry armed with nothing but a plastic spoon and a harsh font and saving the Country on behalf of HMQ?
  13. You haven't seen me then yeah? sorry, yes?