Memorial Wall

The site shows proper respect for fallen colleagues. Whilst it may seem so little, I am sure that the RIP threads give comfort to those directly and indirectly involved with the casualty.
However, the losses are all dealt with individually; each event has it's own thread and there is no central record to consolidate the memory of those who gave their all.
The sort of thing I was thinking of could be a page devoted to fatalities or a graphic - I've seen the US Vietnam memorial and the Mennen Gate and they really bring home the sacrifices that are demanded. We have a wealth of talent here and I'm sure something valuable could be started and maintained.
Does this idea have legs?
As a long term ARRSEr you clearly deserve at least 1 reply!

I have always been uneasy with ARRSE attempting to keep a record of deaths. It has always seemed inappropriate, although I know I am in a minority and I'm glad that some benefit comes from it. I do still cringe when I read some of the more.. dramatic contributions to these threads.

Predictably then I am not in favour of making this a larger project, particularly as the MOD site does a very good and accurate job of keeping a consolidated list of the fallen from each theatre. I'm certainly not in a position at the moment to maintain something like this so a volunteer would need to take it on.

I'll stay open minded but vote 'bad idea'.
I'm with the (significant?) majority on here who find the 'RIP' threads uncomfortable reading - in every sense of the word. However, as this is a by and large a forum for serving and retired service people I can understand the need to somehow mark these significant events. It may be that a Memorial Wall might help slow down and perhaps stop the 'RIP' merchants and save us all from punters who feel that three anonymous key strokes are necessary and/or relevant.
I love the RIP threads, they're so they're not. Grief mongering for someone you've never met/known is IMO wierd to say the least.

I think a memorial wall is wrong. Only because where does is start? From now? Or do we go back a year? Or do we go back and list every death of a serving soldier since the records began?
Do we just put the name up? Allow people to crayon all over it?

Personally I don't like the RIP threads ether and feel strongly enough to say that when the report is put up on the forum it should be locked, information has been passed on, we don't need 3 pages of post after post of RIP
It is a difficult subject, and I find find myself agreeing with both sides.

I have started a couple of the condolence threads and tbh, i do feel uncomfortable doing so. Basically, i see the report on the BBC site and then notice that it is not on arrse. I leave it a while as i would prefer not to post the thread (especially as i am a civvie), but i generally feel more uncomfortable with the event going unremarked, than posting a thread, to notify those who spend most of their web time on these pages.

I think the idea that the thread should be immediately locked has merit, but then people wouldn't see it and many duplicate threads would be created.

In theory at least, the 'book of remembrance' threads should have links to the condolence threads and they serve as an informal record. I have looked at the 'book of remembrance' threads and they are not quite working as intended, however I would vote things stay as they are.

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