Memorial to the fallen is stolen from public school

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. (from The Times today) Memorial to the fallen is stolen from public school

    A memorial to soldiers who died in the First World War has been stolen from Rugby School.

    The bronze figure, known as “Soldier leaning on his rifle”, stood in a chapel honouring former pupils of the leading public school.

    It was stolen from the memorial chapel at some point between 11am on November 11 – Remembrance Sunday – and the same time on Monday, November 26. Warwickshire Police have appealed for information about the theft.

    The memorial depicts a second lieutenant from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

    Jonathan Smith, a school spokesman, said: “We are devastated. It is priceless to the school. It stands on top of a lectern which contains books with the details of all the fallen from the First World War – old boys who are commemorated on the walls of the memorial chapel.”

    He added: “It is a symbol of remembrance and it’s particularly poignant as we have only just celebrated the fallen, not only of the world wars but also more recent conflicts, in our Remembrance Sunday service.”

    The lectern and statue are believed to have been designed by a former pupil, Sir Charles Nicholson.

    This is sad - I hope it was taken as a prank and is returned......
  2. Given the price of scrap metal today, I fear that it may have gone to provide fags and booze for a chav.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Fat chance, Poppy. Some thieving scum will already have this melted down for sale as scrap.
  4. Once again I find myself outraged and saddened. I'm afraid statue theft is a growing problem, however this is the first time that I have heard of a war memorial statue being robbed. The statues that have been stolen elsewhere are being melted down for their metal value, I pray that that this is as Poppy suggests a prank. But this beggars the question who would steal such a statue for a prank?
  5. Some b*stard tried to steal the bronze plaque off the Warwick memorial. Not a million miles from Rugby. If it's the same gang, they should be hunted down and boiled it molten bronze.
  6. Any thieving scrote who knows:
    1. The police are far too busy to pursue the matter
    2. The sentence, if caught, will be a joke
    3. Christmas is coming
  7. My bold.
    The yoof of today. It matters not that they are at an expensive school, kids are as likely to be troublemakers as those in any other form of education. They are there because thier parents are wealthy and that is no guarantee of anything. I should know, I attended such an establishment- all I learned was the value of a good forward defensive and not to cry when a prop forward stamps on your face.
  8. I feel a suitable punishment for anyone convicted of such a crime should be three dozen lashes (preferrably with a knotted cat o'nine tails), delivered (in public) at each war memorial in the county (bad enough in Rutland, probably fatal in Yorkshire - no great loss).
  9. A similar thing happened at St Edward's Church, ATR Pirbright a few years ago. During an Open-Weekend in the camp, some scrote stole the 4 foot carved oak staue of St Edward the Confessor which had stood in the foyer of the Church for over 30 years. No coincidence that a carnival showground was in the camp over that weekend - thieving gypos.