Memorial to murdered copper vandalised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Glesga_short_bloke, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. this has happened to one of my fallen colleagues in birmingham. i suspect it happens more often than people think. The memorials are funded and placed by michael winner's police memorial fund. unfortunately when they are placed where the officer fell, it's an easy target for the cowardly scum to have a go. I am not sure i agree that they should be placed there, perhaps at the officer's station where they would be cherished and cared for.
  2. whoever did this is subhuman - how can they even consider desecrating the memorial to such a man?
  3. The whole sad affair is symtomatic of the state of 21st century Britain.
    A Policeman murdered by an illegal Algerian immigrant who is a member of a terrorist organisation which wants to destroy the country,immigrant living in a council flat,then the memorial to the brave Policeman is destroyed by scumbags who will probably get away with it!!!!!
    A country fit for heroes,only those that don't work,commit crime and are Muslim!!!!!
    Get me out of here!
  4. The sad thing is that it'll probably be their 'friends' that turn them in to collect the reward...
  5. The memorial is about 5 minutes from where i work. It came as a suprise it's lasted this long in that Rat infested part of town. It's not the first one to be vandalised in the Manchester area either.

    I think Marco Polaroid has got the right idea. Put them in the stations they worked out of.

    What these sh*ts dont think about is how his family will feel over the desecration of this brave mans memorial. Mind you that wouldn't bother these sub-humans though.
  6. It wouldn't be a first, the memorial to Keith Blakelock is not at the Farm, it's at Muswell Hill Broadway, some distance away from where he fell.
  7. My normally calm demeanour gets blown to bits when I read stuff like this. These people are scum and should be treated as such - a fcuking good public flogging for these barstewards would be in order.
  8. The problem is these toerags have no morals and couldn't care less what people like us decent human beings think. There would be uproar if we went around and desecrated the headstones of their fathers. Then again, they dont know who their fathers are, do they?

    Bring back national service and see the scumbags and immigrants run.
  9. rickshaw-major, I am on your side. Flog them to the lowest bidder on ebay! Scumbags!
  10. Whats the point of the police trying to catch them , under the New Labour ruling of tough on crime , tough on the causes of crime they would probably get compensation for hurting their hands and feet as they destroyed the memorial.
  11. Well, to quote a copper that told me 'It's the way kids are. Get used to it!'. The little darlings are merely expressing their feelings, that's all. Cheetham Hill. I remember when that used to quite respectable. Where's this going to end?
  12. Totally disgusted, the scum that did it should by flogged.
  13. Sad to say that the police deal with and are murdered by scum. Putting a memorial up where other police hating scum live is just asking for it. I think that Mr Winner should now campaign for centralised memorials which can be supervised and cared for. I would be the first to sling a tenner in the hat.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    21st century Britain- its the Blair, PC, leftie, legacy.