Memorial to Fallen Sappers - Clabecq Belgium

I've been meaning to post this for a while - in fact every time I drive by I think "I really must do that ...."

About 15km from home there is a bridge over the Brussels-Charleroi canal and adjacent to it there was a small well-tended memorial to three Sappers who were killed whilst "rejoining their unit" (so the French text on the memorial says).

Due to some building works the memorial has been moved (and given a position of prominence) to the crossroads by the bridge. The three Sappers in question are interned in the local cemetery which is maintained as a Commonwealth War Grave site.

The renovated memorial and VE Day celebrations finally got me to stop and take a couple of photos which can be seen in the photos attached below.

I have no connection to these guys so I'm not asking for personal information but if anyone can provide something of their story and how they came to be in a "strange" place I would appreciate being able to add a little to the local history.

(NOLA - the organisation responsible for the memorial were part of the Belgian Resistance)


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