Memorial to Asia wars is unveiled

Memorial to Asia wars is unveiled
Malaya & Borneo Veterans unveil memorial at St Paul's hbVgIoTKiLNeuBfhyXENSzo9sbN
I wonder will this new memorial unveiled on 21 April 2005 in London by the Malaya & Borneo Veterans have any influence on HMG and HM the Queen doing a u' turn and let the UK ex-servicemen collect the 'Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal

Wearing Foreign medals.

 "In England their restrictions began in an interesting way: it was based on the custom of monarchs personally granting orders of knighthood. Queen Elizabeth I, when told that one of her subjects was to receive a foreign order of knighthood, reportedly said, "My dogs shall wear only my Collars." The British Government has long restricted the right of members of the British armed forces to accept and wear foreign decorations, a policy that has been effect since the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). This practice is still embodied in what is known as the "Queen's Rules," which severely restrict the kinds of foreign awards that can be accepted and worn".
"Foreign awards may only be worn when The Sovereign’s permission has been given."  

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