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Can anyone confirm that there is a plan to remove some memorials to 'absent friends' in fields foreign when current day troops move out of threatre shortly?

If so would the families be informed?
Who can authorise this kind of work?
If they have been blessed is this not desecration?

Hope it's just a rumour!


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SS, This has to be a wind up? What is the point of having a memorial stone if its not at the actaul site (Or as close as it can be)?
The 'rumour' comes from a serving member on duty in the Balkans who has been tasked with establishing the condition of two memorials in that theatre.

He's been on to asking if anyone knows of their exact locations. So far, the request has been stone-walled as most see the idea as pure bananas.

There are fears that it will be impossible to keep the memorials in good condition and the locals will trash them once UK forces leave the area later this year. You have to ask if anyone's actually been looking after them at all if they're having to ask where they are.


That was me. Nothing is official, but they will be found, c'mon, get real. I was just trying to reduce the amount of time me mates had to spend over the Adriatic looking for them. No, I suspect that they are not being looked after and the families will sure as sh*t find it hard to make a visit to pay their respects.
I lost friends in both crashes, but that's not the point. The point is that the memorials will not be like some old pile of stones in a desert or perhaps like the old memorials of old campaign days...they will vanish forever because your average local may not have the same respect for them that we would wish. This is just my opinion, mind. Sorry if I offend anyone


I would welcome all input on this, bear in mind i am just the bloke reacting to plans made by others. I will keep you all posted on plans, unless i get sacked for subversion.

You're just doing what you've been asked to do, and there's no doubt that you share the same respect for these memorials that the rest of us do.

Personally, I wouldn't like to see these memorials touched. If the locals rip them up (which I doubt they would) then so be it.

If we are to accept that the memorials can't be preserved then the least we can do is mark and record exact the locations so that family and friends can visit in future.


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What should happen is:

The AACA should take responsibilty for them all, it should provide the details and pay a local to care for them etc. I would gladly vote for some of the monies I had paid over the years to such a thing. I'm sure it wouldnt actually cost a huge amount. Maybe the association could also help with subsidised travel for close family members too.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Brought back many fond memories of Iain.
I didn't know the fella but am sat here lumpy throated....
We cleaned up the GV memorial(s) in '05 (gaffitti and long grass) and I think our relief kept an eye on them too. I have the photos and locations if you need them.

Hopefully I can cast a little light on the memorial 'removal' story. As far as know there are a series of low key memorial services planned for the spring by the outgoing Avn detachment. Someone has obviously been pro-active in trying to locate the memorials, some of which (I'm told) are not easy to find. I have not heard of any suggestion that they will be moved to UK.

Great phots on Iain's website!


I served with 9 Regt AAC in Bosnia when GV was closed. Remember vivdly watching fly past by aircrew at the time commemorating the lives of the lost pilots. I also remember one of the memorials still being in situ in the Old Tom Factory as we closed the gates.

Irrelevant of what future lies in store for these pieces of stone commemorating the lives given in search of peace I think this thread illustrates exactly what is still great about todays Army.

Whilst memorials may not stand the test of time, friendships do. I am proud to have served with a bunch of great guys in the aviation world. I am also humbled by the lengths friends go to to remember their mates.

In short, do not worry about the memorials in a far away land as the memory of the soldiers who paid the ultimate price will live on in the minds and hearts of those still serving.

I'd be grateful if you could get in touch via PM. The family of one of the crew involved in the Ploce accident are mightily concerned at the thought of their son's memorial being removed.



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