Memorial day 2012

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, May 26, 2012.

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  1. On this occasion I remember fallen comrades. Sadly most Americans would have difficulty explaining the significance of the day except it heralds the summer holiday season.

    In any event this is for those who have given all of their tomorrows:


    If the music is too off-putting just turn sound off.

    I make no apologies for the sentimentality of the memorial.

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  2. No apologies for the music needed, JJH.^^:salut::salut: Thanks for the memories.

    Tombstone Resized.jpg
  3. I am confused about Memorial day. Its a day to remember the fallen of war, yet people say "Happy Memorial day". Maybe this is a result of what JJH say that most yanks fell it heralds the holiday season.
  4. Memorial Day is indeed for the fallen. Veterans Day is to honor all who have served.

    Sadly, and I think in large part due to both the all volunteer force we have had for over 3 decades and the decline of American "civilization" from a "we" orientation to a "me" selfishness, most Americans have not a clue and consider it like an early 4th of July.
  5. It has unfortunately become the start of the summer season in the USA. Beaches open, 4 day holiday weekends, super sales, Blockbuster movie premiers, etc. I spent today at Calverton National Cemetary on Long Island, NY visiting fallen friends buried there as I didn't have the resources to visit those friends also interred at Arlington in Virginia, or Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennslyvania, Houma Louisiana.