Memorable stuff from your formative years

I remember a substance called Glickon's Salve. Bought as a greaseproof paper wrapped stick, which was melted, put on a gauze bandage, and then added, still hot, onto an extremity which had an infection r usually a deeply embedded splinter. Next morning, Mum took off the bandage, and voila, the splinter had either risen to the surface or was actually in the bandage.
Gentian Violet

In my medicine cupboard, made in India, cheap as chips, do the trick, but make you look like a UN medal ribbon.
Friar's Balsam
Kaolin Poultice (sold in Boots)

A lot of these things had a hint of snake oil quackery about them. Perhaps some of them were efficaceous but the yardstick seemed to be the more foul smelling or revolting to the taste, the better they were.

The smell of TCP could clear a room.
J Collis Brown Mixture. Good for coughs and diarrhoea.
Contained morphine and peppermint oil IIRC.
Parkinson Cowan? Did it have the gas match on the left hand side? The little flamethrower that was used to light the grill.

Ours was removed after a young Solly started doing Tarzan impressions on the hose.

Also diffy in this photo, should be dangling from the chrome elbow top left:

And there were the likewise Hunnic expressions in propaganda manuals (Commando, etc).

I'll never forget "Himmel und Donnerwetter!"

Heaven and thunder weather. Really? Did any Boxhead ever actually say that?!?
An elderly friend from Dusseldorf, uses "Donnerwetter!" as her standard expression of surprise.


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
An elderly friend from Dusseldorf, uses "Donnerwetter!" as her standard expression of surprise.
"Donnerwetter!" he replied, surprised.
The French Assistant, (young female before anyone gets ideas). In the Library. With the young but willing to learn 06.

Never learnt much of the French language however.
If he were here Devexwarrior would know exactly where I was.

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