Memorable stuff from your formative years

At one time the only beers available were Keo and Carlsberg, I think, (which was bottled and distributed locally by Keo.)
As at July 1986 that was indeed so.

The difference was that the Keo brewed Carlsberg was lethal but palatable, whereas the Keo was extremely unpalatable, and much like making love in a punt.
I really hesitate before posting this.

@Fang_Farrier may well wish to avoid it completely.


The stuff below may well initiate severe PTSD/Flashbacks of unprecedented horror, and memories of excruciating pain.

I give you


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Remember the slow speed drills, working off cables and pulleys

Absolutely NO anaesthetic before the drilling started.

No X_Rays, they just kept drilling until you screamed. (Well, you were always screaming, it just got louder when they hit the nerve)

The metallic taste of the mercury in the amalgam filling.

The metallic taste of the laughing gas before they extracted a tooth

The nausea and ringing in the ears as you re-surfaced afterwards, with the horrible taste of blood in your mouth, AND THE HUGE FUCKING GAP WHERE YOUR TOOTH USED TO BE.

I still have nightmares.
Yes,you sat in the chair and the dentist appeared out of nowhere opened your gob and started drilling. I sat totally rigid and with an arched back and not a word from the dentist. How I wanted some scissors to cut those bloody cables.And no,your Mum wasn't allowed in the room. A terrifying experience for a 6 year old. When that particular clinic closed and I was transferred to another NHS dentist the difference was astonishing - a dentist who could speak...
I wonder if my mam had saved any of the comic books I had as they seem to command a generous price on ePay these days
Don't fvcking start.

I was obliged to dispose of all my Marvel comics - to keep them would have meant we wouldn't get a TV (for my big bro to watch football)

The last time I looked, in a vintage comic book shop near the British Museum, some twenty years ago, I found the one that told Spiderman's 'origin' tale on sale for £300.

It was one among many I once owned . . . . . :-(


From time to time I still buy the Vesta Chow Mein. Most ends up in the bin, but I have yet to find an alternative to the crispy noodles that come in the box. They are the nuts with the sachet of soy sauce sprinkled over them.
The Malaysian name for them is Mee Grob.. if you deep fry dried vermicelli noodles you will get roughly the same thing...

Recommend a brand, if you would, please - seriously interested: not for coffee, but for spices.
I had to look in the cupboard. The name is Silver Crest, about 20 quid off e-bay. The spice one is for batches of Cajun seasoning, ras-al-hanout etc and seems man enough for the job. The coffee one I use to grind ordinary coffee to espresso powder.
That curry powder would be the ubiquitous Vencatachellum stuff in the blue tin (well, cardboard tube sort of thing).

It used to be my job to cook the Sunday evening curry for my parents and myself.

Take all the leftovers from the Sunday roast. Put into stock made from two OXO cubes (chicken or beef, depending on meat). Add X teaspoons of curry powder. Boil to buggery. Serve with seriously overcooked long grain rice. Added fripperies to include any of the following: dessicated coconut, raisins, chopped apples.

Living high on the hog (in 1967).

The horror, the horror (in 2021).
My first memories of curry are similar, but by then the powder was branded Sharwood's Vencat.
I have yet to find an alternative to the crispy noodles that come in the box.
Christ, mate, your local Asian supermarket will be full of them and you won't need to bin half of what you buy.


Didn’t you have a toffee hammer? That would break the slab up nicely: just not into any pre-scored pieces, but into shards sharp enough to pierce your tongue, cheek and gums.

Ah, the toffee hammer. The torture implement of choice for the truly kinky among us.


I read somewhere recently that in the 1960s/1970s, about 80% of adults were smokers.
Well most certainly smoked in the office I was in in the late 70's. Apparently I smelt like an ashtray when I got home in the winter when all the windows were shut.
Fin stabilised discarding sabot. Excellent. Learned from the weapons section of this training manual perchance? (Just don't look at the date.)

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No, Eagle was my comic of choice and I'd stopped reading that long before that date. Still got my 1954 Eagle Book of Aircraft.
We used to fall off all the time and then stagger about and fall into things because of the giddiness induced by spinning up to a g-force that could throw you off the planet.

I think Keo was a bit of local Cypriot mafia at work. They seemed to have their hand in everything on the island. At one time the only beers available were Keo and Carlsberg, I think, (which was bottled and distributed locally by Keo.)
Aha. The Keo/Carlsberg interface. Did the UNFCYP early 70's. Rocked up at Gleneagles Camp on the Nicosia International Airport,(Disused) Took over the bar, choice of Keo or Carly, nearly everyone went for Carly. Couple of days in, lecture by some Med Officer, usual bollox, don't poke the whores, etc, and regarding beer, Carlsberg have just built a new factory on the Island, it's all clean and shiny. Keo is brewed in a rat infested shit'ole, don't go near it!
Lecture broke for lunch, everyone rushed into the bar, Gimme a Keo, gimme a Keo! Don't you just love the coarse and licentious soldiery!
I read somewhere recently that in the 1960s/1970s, about 80% of adults were smokers.
Looking through some old B/W filums of motor cycle trials late 50's, early 60's. At the start of each section, blokes would queue up to have a go, nearly all of 'em would spark up a gasper, then toodle orf into the section, fag in gob..
I had (as far as I can recall) my first 'real' curry* as a guest of my big bro' somewhen in the mid-1970s, when he and I visited a curry house not far from Harrow On The Hill tube station (pronounced Arrer'onnee'ill by the locals) where he - kindly soul that he was - ordered for me a mild beef vindaloo, whilst reserving unto his manly self a fearsome chicken korma.

One learns fastest, and most deeply, from one's most hurtful mistakes.
My first real curry was after joining up. Army curries were bloody good and I have tried to emulate without success. Downloaded the army cook book recently so will have another go.


Cheddar Cheese - Always had a rind on and the flavour got stronger close to the rind, so strong it made my mouth tingle. Always used to eat the rind much to my mother's disgust to get maximum flavour. Not had anything like it in years


Bacon with rind on. My Mum used to cut the rind off and fry it separately until it was crunchy.

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