Memorable stuff from your formative years

Nowadays whoever put anything like that up would be charged for installing a mantrap, therefore, endangering the lives of the burglars, thieves, and general lowlifes who may try to climb over the wall.
In Toronto a condominium had a 2m fence with razor wire mounted at an angle topping it off around a portion of their grounds. One night a young chap of a dusky nature decided to climb it to access the properties pool and got caught up on it. The police found him the next morning hanging upside down from the wire from his ankles, his achillies tendon had been cut and he bled out. From that point on, private residences have been banned from using barb or razor wire on fencing....
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I still see this kind of wall topping a lot

No need to be ugly.

The Eina Ivy spike comprises of 4mm galvanised razor sharp fingers, twisted over a 1.5m length to simulate branches and twigs. The spike is then powder coated our standard Green, White or Black or may also be fitted as a plain galvanized spike. We are able to powder coat the spike other colours, according to the Customer’s requirements. The spike is then fitted with synthetic leaves which are UV stable and wind resistant, designed for vigorous outdoor conditions. We fit ±50 leaves per 1.5 meter length.. Leaves are available in the variegated ivy leaf or the solid green vine leaf.
My father was a big believer in planting firethorns, sloes and berberis under windows or easy climbing points on walls. etc.
Home owners usually armed. Armed response on call, houses equipped with panic buttons to summon them.

Cops utterly useless and rarely even bother looking for the perpetrators unless it's someone high profile or some party or govt big cheese.
I thought your firethorn looked remarkably like pyracantha. Hence my post. Anyone seeking to buy it in B&Q is more likely to find it labelled as posh Pyracantha than wild Firethorn.
What did the Romans ever do for us? I hope we will be getting rid of all that Latin Jibber Jabber after Brexit.

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