Memorable stuff from your formative years

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by afghanman, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Great crisps, why did they discontinue?


    The Holiday Specials were always anticipated.
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  3. Commando Comics


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    RS 1600 Always wanted one.
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  5. Lion and Thunder comics/annuals. Still got the 1973 Lion Annual. my little lad loves it.
    Sherbert flying saucers, 4 for 1p, telling the newsagent i only wanted to buy one and could he change a 1/2p.
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  6. creamola foam.jpg
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  7. sweet_cigarettes.jpg

    Complemented by that classic exchange in the "Goon Show":

    Eccles: "What did you get for Christmas, Bluebottle?"

    Bluebottle: "I got a Junior Smoker's Kit complete with toffee ashtray and liquorish dog-ends"...
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    I can't find a photo, but there was a sweet/chocolate-type thing called a Knickerbocker Glory - a tiny plastic cup with the most gorgeous chocolaty thing inside. It came with a little spoon on the side which you had to snap off.

    The spoon was too wide to reach in to the bottom of the cup so you always wasted quite a bit.

    And a bit later...

    parade1220.JPG 511XlzXQ1zL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

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  9. Joe, did they have a round pink Bubbly in 'em as well?
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  10. ravenous ravenous rhinoceroses
  11. No, these didn't, but what you've said definitely rings a bell.

    [Edited to add]

    Wasn't it in the bottom of an ice-cream cornet?
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  12. actionman.jpg

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