Memorable gift?

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by BryanTheMegalodon, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Surprise present from Mrs BTM which, got to admit, choked me up a bit. I'm sure there are many arsers who hope I choke ON it however it's certainly got me smiling. I'm posting this in Science hoping I don't get the usual double act flaming, however would like to ask, what's the most poignent / emotional gift you guys have been given? On a science related basis of course.
  2. A shovel.
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  3. An engraved 2lb club hammer. It's a long story.
  4. Signed photograph of Valantino Rossi for Valantines day.

    It was unexpected and thoughtfull.
  5. I used to regularly receive from the old man dear little printed circuit boards and bits to solder together, to make such things as throbbing hearts, moving santa and reindeer and many more. Very satisfying to sit there with a cup of tea and fag, blobbing them together :)
  6. Decree nisi. I was overwhelmed with joy. Nearly.
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  7. I'm sensing a lot of bitterness with posters - if Greenjacketing someone with a shovel, ruining their Valentine's meal or simply bottling out of holy matrimony are the best gifts you've received, then Karma seems to be playing a cruel joke on you.
  8. When I played the pipes years ago I was given a cap badge with the family/clan name and motto on it. Was such a simple and probably cheap thing but pulled at something anyway!
  9. You started the bloody thread, you have to remember that not all of us are science geeks!

    In my case, it would be my first Grandchild (semi science related due to it being of a medical nature, happy now?)
  10. The gift that keeps on giving; herpes.
  11. That has only a tenuous link to science.

    Or did you catch it out of a petri dish?
  12. And unlike you BB it'll always come back off tour.
  13. A signed photo of Dany Verissimo from a friend who bore more than a passing resemblance to her (well, I think so anyway).


    Well, the things I would do to her definitely fall under the heading of 'biology'. And quite possibly 'criminology', too.
  14. And you've been on how many? Cock! (comes under science as it's anatomy ^^)
  15. None, Joker, and when we're fully rigged up, doubtlessly my lack of ironmongery will be a topic of conversation with those mongered up more than myself and I'm sure I'll deal with that issue as and when it arises. Thanks for pointing it out though. If only I had the 3rd Shock Army to face I could hold my head up high.