Memerials to the fallen post 1945

I am aware that a national memorial is being built in the Midlands to remember all those who gave their lives after 1945. Notwithstanding this, what are people thoughts about these names (those who fell after 1945) being added to their local war memorials, if has not already happened. I was in Pencalder (SWales) last year, their village memorial carries the names of those from the village who died in the Falklands Campaign.

I suppose what I trying to say badly is:- Is it better to have a central memorial to all or should it be local as it was during WW1 and WW2. My other thought, dwelling on this particularly dark day, is whether the names of 125 lost in Iraq and those from GW1 should be added to the Basrah Memorial?

My view is that a local memorial would be far more fitting and more importantly would reinforce the link between 11:00, 11/11 and the continued sacrifices made by serviceman in theatres throughout the world since 1945.

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