As an ex senior rank with the Army Air Corps and living 15 minutes away from Middle Wallop I was wondering what the situation is with regard to membership of the Sgts Mess? What membership is open to me and what are the rules regarding dress and mess fees?

Thankyou for your help.................Ken
Get a Mess member to put in a proposal in the book to have you in that mess as an honorary member (if they have space for a new one that is) the mess will then vote on it.

Dress is the same as or whatever the dress is for that night/function. If it's mess dress then DJ and bow tie, that's what our honorary guests wear anyway.

That's the way my Mess does it anyway......Good luck!


Not quite as easy as that. For Honorary membership, you generally need to be helping the Mess in as much as providing a service. Sounds merceneray, but Honorary memberships aren't just given away, even if you have spent time with that unit. It devalues the status of membership and is and has been (frequently) taken for granted by Honorary members.

What do you do for a living? Do you know any of the membership? You'll not get in the Mess unless you are invited by a member. You can't just walk in or ask for membership. People need to see you, get to know you and even then, they have to vote on it. If you know someone, ask for an invite in one night.

Keeping membership exclusive, keeps the Mess as it should be. Good luck to you.
some messes do allow associate membership.which is basically allowed to use the mess and facilities, but have no say so in the running.

only way to find out is ask I suppose
Thanks for the response guys. I was a member of the Wallop mess between 86 and 88 and was the PEC for 2 consecutive terms. I understand that F**b*r is the Wallop RSM. I knew him as a trooper in one of the units I served in!! I'll drop in and see him some time soon and get the poop from him. Thanks again....Ken
Once you are an honouree member, your membership is voted every year as a standing minuet.

So once you are in don’t settle any grudges from the past.


.....and don't get involved in Mess politics. Remember, the c*nt that has annoyed you will be posted out in 2 to 3 yrs. Upset him whilst he's there and he'll nobble your membership for spite.

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