Membership of the BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by themaadone, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Britain is supposed to be a democracy. Why is it that membership of the BNP is forbidden for certain jobs and scopes of emploment within the government?

    Surely everyone has the right to free choice in religion and political views?

    As it turns out, a member of staff in a government department is also the leader of an organisation which wants to bring the government which pays his salary down. Yes, a partly political/religious muslim organisation.

    I don't really care at this point if anyone thinks that I am a fascist, rascist, commie or ice cream salesman....

    The point I am making is that this government comes down on middle class white people whilst not covering their arcs when it comes to 'middle class' muslim terrorists in local or broader governmental departments.

    Why is this happening?

    I am sick of this and all this government is achieving is that white middle class citizens are either fleeing the country or going extreme right wing!!!

  2. Actually membership of any party is forbiden in the military. although I don't agree with BNP politics, their increased membership should give a warning to any government than this one.

    Last time a european people became so disillisioned with a democratic government an austrian dwarf with a mustache siezed power and 40 million people died.

    When are they going to open their eyes.
  3. well in any civilized society there are obligations and limits upon ones freedoms, i.e. our right to commit crime and liberty being infringed by prison, it is not freedom but is necessary in a civilised society. With reference to the BNP they are racist, intolerant homophobic turds to a man and if you read some of their literature or watched a documentary by the BBC called "the secret agent" on them you'd see this. Personally i would take them out and slot them
  4. Ah yes, but would you have the same reaction to a group with similar values but was not called "BNP"? And, if everybody were totally honest about their concept of right and morality, how many survivors would be left in UK?
  5. yes i would mate i'm sick of these self righteous sob's from all across society trying to foist their irrational prejudices onto me, these turds are just some of the more vocal

  6. Middle class MPGS man? Whatever next?

    Can you prove that white middle class are 'fleeing' the country or going to the extreme right wing? That's a pretty broad and dare I say in respect of 'fleeing'......wild statement.
  7. So you'd end up with Britain being populated by one-legged black lesbians and blind white homosexuals, all claiming membership of CND and Greenpeace.

    Nothing wrong with harbouring dislikes or even preferences, but unwarranted discrimination in any form is, IMHO, intolerable.
  8. sorry mate i didn't make my self sufficiently clear, i have no problems with good old fashioned dislike, hell i have many of my own :twisted: but my point it was people like Barstard Nonce Perverts that get my goat.

    christ they see AIDS as a positive thing as it " only gets the anti-socials" i.e. gays. Then others like the evangelist christians push their bullshit in my face, sorry i won't stand for that :rambo:
  9. How do they do that then? (serious question)
  10. BNP much like dogy islamic organisation and the swp etc are orgainisations who use the freedoms we have now.
    who if they got into power would restrict those very same freedoms massivly
    the muslim in the home office imho should be sacked as his actions are incompatable with working for hm goverment.
    BNP would like to send the latest VC winner packing so who would you rather have in your trench my answer is not some so called aryan warrior :twisted:
  11. Why the BNP membership is frowned upon...simple....the Cpl (Right Rear) would be sent home to where?......Pakistan, India, Kenya, Uganda, Singapore or let fcuking face it England.


    Bee n me, good question, but when their policies would seriously undermine the cohesion of the military or in fact most govt depts or businesses that is why membership is a sensetive issue.
  12. .

    Yet more outbursts from the intolerant, whose personal bile and rage far exceeds the capabilities of the party they seek to denigrate. But when faced with the facts on another thread they seem to go quiet. Are there any REASONED answers, from these hate-ridden detractors, to the conundrums posed?

    Let's look at the questions and points again:

    Michael Gove MP made an impassioned speech to Parliament recently, indicating that Scientology was a wicked and evil religion. Does that sound familiar??

    For exactly the same offence, Griffin gets arrested and tried, while Gove got a round of applause.

    Just what is the difference, chaps? What is it, exactly, that you want to outlaw?? What is so 'odious' about a politician who warns us against dangerous elements within our society? What is so wrong with someone who reminds us that the Koran does indeed incite Muslims (if they take the verses seriously) to kill Jews and Christians. Is the truth to be outlawed, as in BB's 1984?

    The other charge against Griffin was that he said that homegrown Muslim bombers from Bradford would soon be blowing themselves up in London. (Speech just prior to 7/7)

    So, to those on this thread that rant about the BNP, just what is your collective problem with Griffin on this point, hmm?? Were the charges brought against Griffin because he was 20 miles out in his prediction (Leeds, not Bradford)? Was it because his predictions were far more accurate than the astrologer charlatans that the newspapers employ? So what is so wrong with (accurately) warning us of dangerous elements within our society?

    What of Dame Eliza, of the MI5? She recently said exactly the same as Griffin, warning us of Muslim terrorism, so is she to be prosecuted too? Perhaps she might be scolded for allowing Griffin to beat her to it by a couple of years, but prosecute her?

    The trouble with the rabid, irrational anti-BNP posters on this thread, is that they wish to destroy the very things they wish to cherish.

    They want the freedom speech to denigrate the BNP and suggest that they are thrown off a cliff or 'slotted' (which are prima face incitements to hatred and murder). But they want to prosecute anyone that suggests (accurately) that we have dangerous Muslim elements in our society.

    They want a democracy, but only if you vote for the people they tell you to vote for.

    They want a political system, but only if approved parties are formed. (N Labour complained about Robert Mugabe's persecution of opposition parties, while doing exactly the same to its own opposition parties.)

    They want race hate laws, but only if they apply to the BNP, and not to the Muslim nutters that parade up and down our streets demanding that Judaeo-Christians die.

    What these people who denigrate the BNP want, of course, is totalitarian fascism - but they also want to be able to denigrate others as being fascist, even when they are not (a democratic party cannot be fascist). As is usual with (true) fascists, they want to tell everyone else how to think, act and vote (in a democratic way of course).

    The bottom line is that the BNP is a democratic party, and as long as it stays that way everything is fine. If there are no racial or immigration problems in this country, then general public will not support or vote for the BNP and it will wither and die. That is DEMOCRACY. That is why we have this political system, and why it (generally ) works.

    The BNP is only flourishing because THERE ARE PROBLEMS IN OUR SOCIETY CAUSED BY IMMIGRATION AND MULTICULTURALISM. However, those on this thread who vociferously denigrate the BNP are simply asking us to close our eyes to these problems and pretend that they don't exist.

    They are fools, and dangerous fools at that. The BNP is thriving because the average person in the street can see problems that the major parties have refused to acknowledge, let alone deal with. Until such time that the major parties finally see the hunking great elephant in the room, and acknowledge its presence, the BNP will continue to thrive.

    Finally. At present, the BNP is the only outlet for legitimate political protest at the ballot box, and if only for that reason, they are a vital part of a true democratic political process.

  13. that little outburst seems to be far too well prepared for my liking....

    take your recruiting bullshit elsewhere
  14. 1,000 people a day leave the UK - they are, in the main skilled, healthy and, in many cases, 'middle class'. Try getting into the USA, Canada, NZ or Aus without a skill (or with any serious convictions or a health problem).
    On the other side of the coin the government guesses* that 1,500 foreign nationals enter the UK each day. Most are from the Indian sub continent (mainly Pakistan and Bangladash) are unskilled and speak poor if any English. Whether health or criminal records are checked I don't know but suspect not.

    I live on the edge of one of the areas in the UK where many of the new immigrants move to. I have not yet voted BNP but, if this flood does not stop, I will.

    *(we can afford to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but can't count the numbers comming into our own counrty for some reason)
  15. That was well prepared , I also recognise the style. A series of posts trying to sound very reasonable and then degenerate into what the poster is really all about. The post also carries a certain patronising air and "You're doomed you fools, only the BNP are the true path"

    All it's missing is "When I was in the Air Force for 10 minutes" and "Oh , my neighbours say they don't like Darkies, and after all old boy , who does?"

    Eh Rodders.