Membership of both the Met Police and the TA


Am interested to find out if anyone knows about balancing a Civvi job as a Police Officer and being in the TA. (As I mentioned on another thread am having trouble with my current employer so am looking at other options.)


I do it m8, and it's hard work. That said if you have a unit who are helpful (mine are, in the main!!) and a good PSAO ( which we deffo have!!) you can do it. During my PROB stage in the PSNI it was very difficult but could be done none the less. Then before deployment for Ops on Herrick 07 I royally screwed my knee 3 complete Ligament ruptures!! and again the unit held me as a biff allowing me to repair. I'm for Chilwell on the 22nd and my jobs been gr8 about it. I dunno if I'm a lucky one or just seeing this working through rose tinted but I'm quite happy at the moment doing both.
you have to resign on entry to the MPS. You then apply to go on a waiting list to rejoin, depending on the queue its about a year..... i would do your probabtion first then think about it.

This was certainly the advice I was given by a PS who happened to be a major at the weekend.