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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mkorak, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. hi guys,

    i hope this doesnt cause a flame, i know there is alot of "THEM" threads on here and bone questions etc and i want to avoid starting another one.

    I in no way want to breach OPsec and just have a couple of what i think are genuine questions and do not breach any OPsec if they do then please tell me to FO.

    I am not a journalist, i am soon to be a re-entry and just want some things cleared up in my mind.

    So if there is anyone out there who was one of "THEM" or is one of "THEM" or is currently preparing to hopefully become one of "THEM" please could you PM me and like i said tell me to FO if my questions are bone.
    They are not personal questions just experience and opinion based.

    Cheers in advance guys and i hope this doesnt start another lame bone thread with tons of Walt, PTE Golden and 49 Para statements.

    live well and love life fellas.
  2. Or you could just use the search facility which will probably answer your question?
  3. Why don't you post your questions on the thread?

    Then anyone who wishes to answer could PM you rather than having to PM you first to find out what the question was.
  4. i have searched the forums on here and other sites and cannot find an answer to my questions as they are pretty unique to my own personal circumstances which is why instead of just starting a big long thread with tons of lame replies and WALT comments i wanted ot narrow it down to those with the required knowledge and /or opinions.

    I have trawled the forums endlessly, it is not the usual bone q's like:

    Will i get blisters?
    what do i do to apply?
    whats it like?

    I am pretty knowledgeable of the general bumff or at least as much as you can be, i just have some personally specific q's i want to try to get answered.

  5. There is a very long thread in the TA forum as regards selection to 23 , the answer is almost certainly in there.
  6. Not being fuuny mate, but if you think you are the criteria of "them" you would know not to ask your questions on an open internet forum like this, what sort of response are you expecting to achieve from requesting PM's? Do you really think if some 22 guys are reading this they are going to send messages to some random on a site that is constantly frequented by journos and paintballers?! If you are about to re-join and are serious about doing selection, first of all realise that discretion is obviously an important aspect of being one of "them" and then go and speak to your platoon sgt/ training wing/RAO etc and stop trying to give it the large on here!!!
  7. Shock....

    How is it giving the large? I am not trying to be anybody, i am fuly aware of who i am, i am or will be shortly a re-entry..i was trying to keep it non lame or bone by ont asking questions openly on a open internet forum.
    I asked for PM's so that way anyone who chooses to be interested can contact me, if they dont or wont then i will get no replies will i.

    You cant win on here, if you post a question about "THEM" you get flamed, if you keep it low key you get flamed. This is a military forum is it not?
    We are all here to disseminate or receive informatio are we not ? I am ont asking to breach any OPsec and if i did the the person i ask wont reply will they !
    If they do reply then it is obviously not a problem, geeez guys calm the f*** down and chill, if you dont want to pM me then dont, if no one PM's me then i get no replies no need to start giving it the "who do i think i am" "i am giving it the large" "walt al walt blah blah blah"

  8. like i said i have trawled and read all the forums, 21 or 23 selecion is totally inapplicable to my questions.

    Anyways like i said if anyone is interested they will contact me, if they dont then i dont get my answers simple, cheers anyways guys.