Members of Parliament in the service??

Have any MPs actually ever served in any of the services???

I can only think in recent times of Iain Duncan-Smith and Paddy Ashdown.

What about our glorious ruling labour party?? Any ex-servicemen amongst them?
think there was a previous thread on this............
The shadow home secretary David Davis was in 23 SAS, I think.
Julian Brazier (con) Canterbury
One of Labour's members is Eric Joyce.


Eric Joyce MP was born on the 13th October 1960. He lived in Perth with his family for most of his infant and teenage years before joining the army in 1978. Initially a private in the Black Watch, Eric went on to attend the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Adjutant General's Corps in 1987. During his time in the army, Eric served in the UK, Northern Ireland, Germany and Central America.

He left the army in 1999 and served as the Public Affairs Officer at the Commission for Racial Equality (Scotland) until being elected as MP for Falkirk West in the by-election of December 2000.


Eric Joyce MP

Actually Joyce did 3 years in the BW then went to uni and joined the ETS afterwards. His profile is wrong - trying to hint he was commissioned from the ranks etc. Don;t you remember him - the ETS boy always in combats and slagging off the Army and then made to resign?

Patrick Mercer Tory MP ex CO 1 WFR

There's another Tory just back from serving with TA in Iraq.....Dr Andrew Murrison
Fatty Soames was a Jock Guard was he not?
Was'nt Ian Duncan-Smith a Scots Guard? (Same as an ordinary guard, except deep fried in batter?)
Yeah remember, Soames on ex, back in 69 Sailsbury Plain, we had a couple of Donkey wallopers from his regt on our Flight and they all reckond he was bonking Anne, sems she was regarded as a bit of a sport in thoes days.
Sir Peter Tapsell, Tory MP for Louth & Horncastle, did NS as a subaltern with the Royal Sussex Regiment in the Middle East.

Mad as a hatter but by far the most entertaining parliamentarian in the House.
Andrew Murrison (Con) MP for Westbury, Wilts.

RNR as an MO

I have had the pleasure of his company during Telic 1/2. I'll keep my opinions to myself! :x
I remember serving with Patrick Mercer when he was a WFR Major running the Infantry Courses for President Museveni's Army at the School of Infantry Jinja Barracks while serving on Loan Service with BMATT Uganda in 1987 - he was a very good and resourceful officer when I knew him. Now opposition spokesman for Homeland Security.

As for Nicholas Soames, now shadow Defence Secretary, former 11th Hussars, who would make Prescott look like 'Twiggy', a remark made of him, attributable to a former girlfriend was: "Sex with Nicholas is rather like having a large Wardrobe fall on top of you with the key sticking out".

I remember Soames as a Minister having to apologise to Parliament for misleading it (ie, lying to it) and then attempting to blame his Civil Servants. I heard him at the beginning of the week on Radio 4 when he pooh-poohed the idea of an Armed Forces Federation, reiterated his belief in the effectiveness of the chain of command and referred to a certain website (ARRSE) as a place for 'whingers'!

Of course he would believe in the chain of command would'nt he - he served at both ends of it, as a Cavalry Officer at the bottom and as a Minister at the top of it!

I do not see many new ideas for reform from Soames should he ever be propelled into the rarefied stratosphere of Secretary of State for Defence.
The son of a barrister and lecherer, Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh, but spent most of his childhood in Durham as he didn't get on with his parents. At the age of 14 he returned to Edinburgh just before his ticket ran out to finish his education at Fettes College. He studied law at Oxford, and went on to become a barrister himself as opposed to somebody else doing it for him.

After standing unsuccessfully (he fell over) for the Labour Party in a by-election, Mr Blair went on to win the seat of Sedgefield in the 1983 General Election, aged 30, he was 30 not the General Election.

Tony Blair made a speedy rise through the ranks. His time in Durham constituted service in the Durham Light Industry as industry in Durham was very light at the time and almost non-existent in some areas.

An excerpt from the official biography.
Edited as it was so fcuking boring.
And probably still is.
Of those mentioned so far, all bar one (Joyce) are Tories. Have Bliar's rabble got no more ex-servicemen in their ranks? A pretty p*ss-poor showing, or does it reflect the fact that most servicemen are either naturally conservative or have too much integrity to consider entering politics?
I believe Eric Joyce is Labour. He also clocked up one of the highest expense claims of any minister in the last published accounts. Frequently fails to correct interviewers when they refer to him as a 'Black Watch Officer'. As mentioned earlier, he was a private in the BW, an officer in the ETS.
Viscount Stansgate (aka Wedgie Benn, one of the only principled men in politics).

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