Members of Mafioso Group

HI, i am an ex YofS (39A) currently living in Australia, how do i become a member of the group, is there a list of members also, it would be great to catch up with some old buddies.

The Mafioso lunches at 7 Sigs and 4 Div were brilliant (shame i can't remember much about them.....)
Regards, Steve Catterall
Because within 5 Minutes I can produce his photo and tell you he is CEO at Amazon Financial Group
I could also tell you he was a YofS who served in 7 Sigs and now lived in Australia within seconds of reading it.
I'm Brian, and so's my wife.
I'm Spartacus! Persec only applies if you have something To hide. Me, I do ( i want to keep my LSGC!) so I don't use my name. The OP doesn't so he can fill
His boots!
No, no, I am Spartacus!
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