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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArmyBarmyBen, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Just read the latest soldier magazine and it says how there are a few rifleman from Germany in the '300 Club' , but does not give any details on who else is in it and from where.

    Does anyone have any information regarding on which regiment has a largest contributor to this club of meatheads? :)
  2. poof eh???
  3. Haha another helpful response there eh?
  4. It is to do with PFT/PFA/whatever it i called now results. Ask your PTI
  5. Cheers for the advice - was already on it ;)

    Just curious if anyone on arrse had any info also..
  6. For an over 40 it's about 63 press ups, 67 sit ups (2 mins for each) and sub 09 min 15 sec for the run. For under 30s it's about 75 press ups, 80 sit ups and a sub 08 min 30 sec run. Then depending on your unit you may get a free 'club' T Shirt or you have to buy one off Army Net (once the PTI has recorded your score), they're about £10 and good quality.
  7. OOh a t-shirt! Cheers for info ;)

    Seriously though, looks tough. In Soldier, they pitted a PTI, A Guardsman against 2 civvy amateur athletes and the results, well take a look for yourself, I was a bit shocked ;)
  8. Normally the fitter ones - usually based around Colchester or Poole/Plymouth.
  9. My thoughts exactly, but I didn't want to go naming any without any legit info..
  10. 11mins 37 secs on the run for the Guardsman ! Press ups and sit ups fair enough, you can imagine the quality of them they would have been expected to push out, no ass in the air, duck the neck a bit like mine were. He didn't look like a fatty though, must have had a few the night before.
  11. Same impression I had, looked like a fit bloke. PTI's are press-up Nazi's though so I feel sorry for those blokes ;) And no-ones 1.5 mile time is going to be outstanding after all of that now is it?
  12. When I did it for the 3rd time the gym queens thinned me out for yet another T-shirt. Let's face it, they could have come up with a harder test;-)
  13. Oh I'm sure they will. I like the idea of a stretcher race with the cookhouse's big eater followed by a steeplechase? mm
  14. There's a poster in the recruiting office with the 300 club times and such on it...for under 32 it's 1.5 miles in 8:15...72 pressups and 80 situps
    I'll take a snap of the poster or write all the times down if you like when I'm in that area again. There's about 5 categories if I remember...I'm 21 and the only thing I can manage is the situps and pressups at a 8:15 run...yeah right.